How To Use Daimler In A Sentence

  • Daimler is setting up a new factory in the souther Indian city of Chennai to make trucks and buses for the local and export markets. Daimler Confirms Tata Stake Sale
  • Since then, the union leadership has capitulated to DaimlerChrysler's demands for wage concessions and other give-backs.
  • Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
  • Karl Benz and the Gottlieb Daimler the inventor of both cars, but also the world's oldest car manufacturing company founder.
  • Daimler sold Tognum, then called MTU Friedrichshafen, for 1.6 billion euros to Stockholm-based private equity firm EQT Partners to help pay for reorganizing Chrysler in March 2006, when it still owned the U.S. carmaker. -- Top News
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  • As DaimlerChrysler Truck Financial, it also finances commercial vehicles for affiliate products such as Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star.
  • The aircraft featured two large rotors located in nacelles on the ends of its wings linked to an air-cooled Daimler Benz 600 engine in the fuselage.
  • Mitsubishi has teamed up with the Smart Div. of its German partner DaimlerChrysler to develop a four-seater minicar.
  • Under its former name, MTU Friedrichshafen, Tognum was a fully-owned unit of Daimler before the car maker sold it to Swedish private-equity group EQT Partners in 2006 for about €1.6 billion in a restructuring. Daimler, Rolls Eye Engine Maker
  • Daimler has agreed to the appointment of an independent monitor to oversee compliance with the deal.
  • Outside there would be gorgeously caparisoned elephants and horses with rich housings, palanquins and teams of palanquin bearers, four in hand coaches, and subsequently Rolls Royces and Daimlers.
  • Rival DaimlerChrysler last month struck a deal with trade unions, but only after its plans had prompted walkouts and protests.
  • These Daimler dealers currently get their cars from assembly plants in the U.S.A., whose production capacity currently does not meet with demand for right hand drive cars.
  • Mergers such as DaimlerChrysler were carried out to help expand market share, enter new markets, and plug product gaps.
  • FRANKFURT -- Car makers Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG said they will take a minority stake in German biofuel company Choren Industries GmbH. Car Firms Bet on Biofuels
  • The Queen Mother was taken to hospital yesterday in a royal Daimler and was able to negotiate the three steps into the building unaided.
  • Daimler's CEO called the sputtering U.S. economic recovery the largest potential risk to the auto industry's strong outlook this year even as the luxury car maker expects to generate more of its profit and sales from China and other emerging markets. What's News
  • Companies with pre-Daimler-Chrysler Corporation signed a "directional issue with the share subscription agreement, " and the "alliance agreement.
  • The eco-aware Smart car, the revolutionary runabout from DaimlerChrysler, is both fun to drive and friendly to the finances.
  • Daimler, also the world's biggest truckmaker, sold the company, then called MTU Friedrichshafen, for 1.6 billion euros to Stockholm-based private equity firm EQT Partners in March 2006 to help pay for job cuts. -- Top News
  • They wore long black cloaks and tall pointy black hats, and had crooked noses and rode on broomsticks, or else they drove around in large Daimlers, ordering their menservants to steal spotty dogs.
  • It was July 1959 when David's smart, green Daimler bus was crossing through traffic lights at Heaton Park's Grand Lodge.
  • Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
  • It has been "piloted" by then Daimler-Benz, under a German Government-sponsored research project, being used to SUCCESSFULLY OPERATE AN ENTIRE FLEET OF CITY BUSES IN FRANKFORT, GERMANY FOR A PERIOD OF A YEAR, WAY BACK IN 1979-'80!! Propeller Most Popular Stories
  • In the Daimler speeding westwards, Heather Lawler looked across at her husband. LET NOT THE DEEP
  • Rolls-Royce and Daimler are gambling that matching Tognum's high-speed engines with Rolls-Royce's after-sales expertise and Daimler's global reach will allow the company to grab a bigger slice of a fast-expanding $30 billion segment. Tognum Bid Looks Underpowered
  • Renschler said Daimler has no plan to induct an Indian equity partner in its wholly owned unit, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Daimler Unveils India Truck Brand
  • The road dips here slightly, and at the end of the incline a motor-car was drawn to the side of the road, or rather the remains of what had once been a smart Daimler of some 7 or 8 h.p. A stonebreaker was at work on an adjacent pile of flints, and when The Motor Pirate
  • CHENNAI -- Daimler Financial Services AG, part of German auto maker Daimler AG, Tuesday announced the start of its wholly owned unit in India and said it expects to disburse loans worth $500 million in five years in this growing market for automobiles. Daimler Starts India Financial Unit
  • The sound of a car stopping outside the hotel drew me to the window as the waitress left me, and I was in time to see an old gentleman with a long white beard step from the interior of a Daimler landaulette, the door of which was held open by a dignified chauffeur, whose attire seemed to consist mainly of brass buttons. The Best British Short Stories of 1922
  • Smart EV While BMW is wrapping up its Mini E consumer field test and getting ready to start leasing the BMW 1 ActiveE next summer, rival Daimler is just gearing up its electric-car program spearheaded by the Smart. Behind the wheel: Chevrolet Equinox AMP, Ford Transit Connect EV, Smart EV
  • We'reall disappointed that Daimler, the main corporate sponsor of the Summer Concert Festival in Washington Park for the past four years, isnot ableto support the performances again for 2009. Grim news from Grimwad (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • Daimler AG, the parent company of Portland-based Daimler Trucks North America, formerly known as Freightliner LLC, in May acquired an equity stake of nearly 10 percent in Tesla. Boston Business News - Local Boston News | Boston Business Journal
  • By extending Daimler's co-operation with Nissan and its French alliance partner Renault SA, "We can realize near-market engine production in the NAFTA region on attractive economic terms," Dieter Zetsche, the German company's chief executive, said on Sunday. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Mr. Uebber said Daimler's fourth-quarter Ebit from ongoing business is expected to be "significantly higher" than last year, though earnings at the Mercedes-Benz Cars unit are expected to be flat on a year-to-year basis in the fourth quarter as material costs and model changeovers offset higher sales volume. Daimler's Net Falls 16%
  • Shares in German carmaker Daimler rose 4.7% after it detailed higher-than-expected quarterly sales of €25.7 billion, up 6% from a year ago, and said it expects year-on-year profit growth in 2007. European Shares Close Higher
  • Daimler AG, formerly known as Freightliner LLC, in May acquired an equity stake of nearly Los Angeles Business News - Local Los Angeles News | Los Angeles Business from bizjournals
  • Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks, sold Tognum, then called MTU Friedrichshafen, for 1.6 billion euros to Stockholm-based private equity firm EQT Partners in March 2006 to help pay for reorganizing Chrysler, when it still owned the U.S. carmaker. -- Top News
  • Daimler-Chrysler plans to utilize locally available natural fibers such as Manila hemp
  • An expanding Indian economy has spawned a rising number of millionaires and billionaires, which is leading companies such as Daimler AG, BMW AG, Audi AG and Jaguar to introduce more luxury cars in the market. Ferrari to Sell Cars in India
  • Daimler sold Tognum, then called MTU Friedrichshafen, at the end of 2005 for €1.6 billion to Swedish financial investor EQT as part of a wide-ranging restructuring. Prosecutors Probe Tognum
  • Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
  • As she turned uphill, a dark-red Daimler slid by, and blew its horn at her.
  • Daimler Trucks North America, formerly known as Freightliner, bought 400 acres near the C.M. Steel site for an office campus. Charlotte Business News - Local Charlotte News | Charlotte Business Journal
  • It looked beautiful with new white wings and a fuselage painted bright Daimler red. Plane Speaking - a personal view of aviation history
  • To this day the holding company owns a 25.23% blocking minority in Daimler.
  • Daimler-Chrysler's designers and engineers scoured nature for the best organism on which to base their vehicle and came up with the boxfish. Autoblog
  • However, Chevrolet is now co-owned by the German company, Daimler-Benz, so maybe Romney was throwing a sop to the nativists in the GOP after all. Is That Legal?: Mitt Romney Takes A Page Out Of Joe Biden's Campaign-Launch Playbook
  • Years ago in foggy daleshire [A1], I remember a young C******ous B***** driving a 250 Daimler looking for a racing type sports car at the lights, somehow I smelt a rat and did not take the bait, then she showed me her tail lights and put on her beany. Motorcycle Daydream « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
  • Chemical Corp. on Friday acknowledged its own links to a multination U.S. investigation into improper payments made by Daimler AG, issuing a statement urging Beijing to crack down on unscrupulous behavior by multinational companies and other business people. Sinopec Admits Worker Took Daimler Bribes
  • The merger, however, also gave the group the chance to compare notes with their Daimler colleagues, specifically about the use of two plugs per cylinder.
  • Like many rental car companies such as Hertz (Ford), DTG has special dealer like relationships with manufacturers (Daimler/Chrysler) where they are classified as dealerships and the staff at their individual stores is approved to perform work on their fleet of cars. Dollar/Thrifty's Unwritten Rule For Mechanics To "Find" Problems Covered By Warranty And Bill The Manufacturer - The Consumerist
  • Daimler will either be a monument to his original vision, or just another lame duck.
  • His investigative operation employs about 27 full-time lawyers and other professionals, and he keeps only about 10 major clients at any one time—often blue-chip companies, such as Daimler AG, which hired him to oversee compliance after settling charges it violated a U.S. antibribery law. Louis Freeh, Ex-FBI Chief, Taps Old Skills in New Job

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