[ US /ˈdeɪmən, ˈdimən/ ]
[ UK /dˈiːmən/ ]
  1. a person who is part mortal and part god
  2. an evil supernatural being
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How To Use daemon In A Sentence

  • He wasn't so sure that the welding of artist and model improved the art, that her sudden fetish for Captain Hunt's bete-noir would inspire the strumming fingers of her daemon.
  • Though you were our ally you seized by force a city in alliance with us, namely Messene, which had been admitted to our friendship and enjoyed precisely the same privileges as Lacedaemon. The History of Rome, Vol. V
  • Tantamque victoriam amentia hominum consequuti sunt, ut si colligere in unum velis, universum orbem istis scelestibus spiritibus subjectum fuisse invenies: Usque ad Salvaloris adventum hominum caede perniciosissimos daemones placabant, &c. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • Lacedaemonian, which is in fact a generalship, hereditary and perpetual. Politics
  • The Daemonettes have the symbol of Slaanesh clearly marked on their foreheads.
  • Propè ad vallis medium sub vna rupium, apparet omni tempore visibiliter integrum ac maximum caput daemonis vsque ad humeros tantùm, cuius speciem præ horrore nullus pleno intuitu humanus audet diu oculus sustinere: nam respicientes contrà aspicit truculentèr, agitans oculos minacitèr, tanquam ex palpebris eiecturus (quæ et scintillant) flammas in altum. The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville
  • Before our modern era most people who had encounters knew that what they were dealing with were daemons, dragons, gnomes, fairies and trolls.
  • Lyra finds and uncages the caged daemons, gets them back to their owners, and engineers an escape for the children.
  • That's just wrong. daemonwise: I hate you. archmage: Well, as long as someone thinks about me. daemonwise: Always, good sir. daemonwise: How goes your morning, thus far? archmage: I have Pepper Jack Cheese-Its. Morning IM Villainy
  • We shall send these daemons back to hell, where they belong!
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