How To Use Dacha In A Sentence

  • All along the road from the airport to downtown people were planting potatoes and other staples at their dachas, their outlying summer homes.
  • The vanquished, if they are lucky, escape abroad or putter away their remaining years in dacha gardens. Challenge Match
  • For those who do not have recourse to a dacha in the relatively cooler sylvan pockets of the Moscow region, options for cooling off may seem few and far between.
  • Rich or poor, every Russian owns, or wants to own, a dacha, or cottage, usually in the woods, in which he or she can get away from it all.
  • The system at Dachau was simple, but deadly effective.
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  • To see the new Russians in their element, you have to drive outside of Moscow to the exclusive residential areas where they have their dachas.
  • A man may boast of his home as his castle, but Russians are increasingly turning to building country homes and dachas that are plain, economical and rather small.
  • The scene of Yuri writing his poems in an ice-encrusted dacha with wolves and winds howling outside seems to sum up this land.
  • Meanwhile, for those who do not have recourse to a dacha in the relatively cooler sylvan pockets of the Moscow region, options for cooling off may seem few and far between.
  • Stephanie was passing through a room at the back of the dacha. CHAMELEON
  • Many had the means to purchase a dacha in the countryside.
  • But critics contend that his so-called dacha war underscores how property rights remain hostage to political winds -- and that the best defense is to be rich and powerful. AND NOW, THE 'DACHA WAR'
  • Were it not for the brave soldiers who liberated my father from Dachau, and my mother and her family from the Nazi slaveholders, I would not be here today.
  • What were once rustic wooden dachas have deteriorated into shacks.
  • He was in relaxed mood when they met at his dacha, a walled complex in a birch forest 25 miles west of Moscow.
  • Almost everyone I know in Europe - among the professional and business class - has some small second home in the country somewhere - a dacha usually belonging to the family for generations.
  • Sent from Moscow in mid-June 1960 the saddest letter of all is on the surface purely informatory: ‘My dacha now has a telephone.
  • While peasants starved and city workers toiled in the forests of factories, Russia's new ruling class - the nomenklatura - lived in the defunct palaces of the Tsarist court and newly constructed dachas in the countryside.
  • Did you see my installation at Dachau?
  • In the Soviet period and for most families today, the most important real property consists of apartments and dachas.
  • Every year, I have a New Year's Eve party at my dacha outside Moscow. CHAMELEON
  • On the weekends, basking in the late May sunshine, Moscow appears nearly deserted with crowds of city-dwellers leaving for their dachas.
  • 'I'll tie myself in a knot, and shalt wheel me through; and what with my crippledom and thy piety, a-wheeling of thy poor old dad, we'll bleed the bumpkins of a dacha-saltee.' The Cloister and the Hearth
  • Vladimir smiled, and then he and the rest of our group headed up the walk towards the dacha.
  • For six months she was confined in the Jewish ghetto, then she was transferred to Dachau, near Munich.
  • This may explain why there is so little visible security at Putin's dacha, Novo-Ogarevo, the grand Russian presidential retreat set inside a birch- and fir-forested compound west of Moscow.
  • But, judging by the many flowers, lighted candles and small Israeli flags placed inside the crematory at Dachau, many of the nearly one million visitors who make their way here annually come just to pay homage.
  • One of the few Russian words to have entered the vocabulary of other languages, dacha originally meant a parcel of land given by the tsar to his aristocratic servitors.
  • Bent The film version of Martin Sherman's searing stage play stars Clive Owen as a gay inmate of Dachau who denies his homosexuality and is given a yellow rather than a pink star to wear.
  • According to Ms. Schulberg's research, Jackson also required her father and his editor, Pare Lorentz, to recut the film after they had included footage shot by Americans during the liberation of Dachau. A Casualty of War Is Released at Last
  • One of the few Russian words to have entered the vocabulary of other languages, dacha originally meant a parcel of land given by the tsar to his aristocratic servitors.
  • The nomenklatura might have been prepared to surrender the Soviet state without a fight, but not their dachas.
  • The full range of vices attributed to decadent Roman emperors was to be found in the private dachas and public buildings of 1930s and 1940s Russia.
  • In 1989, I walked into a church near Boris Pasternak's dacha and heard priests and babushkas reciting the litany with perfect recall as if seventy-two years of repression had never happened.
  • The wooden walls were retained from the original dacha, she tells me. CHAMELEON
  • The protestors have laid siege to his dacha and to the presidential palace in the city.
  • But for now at least, it does not look like many of Russia's elite will forgo a weekend at the dacha for a camping trip.
  • He enjoyed the company of some of his young male students whom he would invite to his country dacha at the weekend for a spot of vigorous log-cutting with an enormous two-handled saw.
  • I walked down the lane, passing the big dachas until I came to one where, inside the square yard, a woman appeared.
  • Tatiana preferred Pasha in Luga because he was close to their dacha, their summer house, and she could go and visit him. THE BRONZE HORSEMAN
  • Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau became synonyms for the inhuman dictatorship of National Socialism.
  • He had a dacha in the writer's colony Peredelkino, a driver for his car, and a maid.
  • On the hills by the ski jump, above the university district and the pollution line, the company is building dachas for the new rich, twin-garage wooden houses, with elaborate towers and balconies and banya steam baths.
  • The dinner at the Tsarist palace they styled a dacha was an historic occasion between our two countries and deserves to be recorded for posterity. An American Life
  • How would he feel if his father had been gassed, shot or hung in Auschwitz or Dachau, instead of his luckier fate, enjoying a good, long life hurling insults at others?
  • They flee the dacha when the father is shot by Mikhail in a drunken misunderstanding.
  • Last summer, Hannah Rosenthal, the U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, made a trip to Dachau and Auschwitz with a delegation of American imams and Muslim leaders.
  • Daasanach: seech-geebe, sies-geebe (plural) English: umbrella thorn Gabra: d'addaca Ilchamus: ltepes, lkunyi Kamba: mulaa, muaa, ulaa (fruits) Kipsigis: chebitet Maa: oltepesi, sagararam (fruit) Malakote: dadacha, dadwota, dadech (young) Chapter 7
  • At the dacha they were told that Stalin had been put on a sofa in the small dining room ‘in an unpresentable state’ and was now asleep.
  • These measures have been dubbed the dacha amnesty, and I think this is perfectly fair. - Articles related to Why The May 10, 2010 Philippine Polls Failed: The PCOS Forensics

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