[ US /kənˈvɝdʒ/ ]
[ UK /kənvˈɜːd‍ʒ/ ]
  1. be adjacent or come together
    The lines converge at this point
  2. approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit
  3. move or draw together at a certain location
    The crowd converged on the movie star
  4. come together so as to form a single product
    Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power
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How To Use converge In A Sentence

  • Although Jameson is clear-eyed about the corrosive effects of modernity, his methodology nevertheless seemed to require his allegiance to secularization and to convergence theories of modernization; moreover, the acuity and insight of the readings produced by this methodology served to justify that faith a posteriori. Introduction
  • Finally, a political party is the convergence of a group of people based on their political ideals and ideologies.
  • Ms. Miller's imprisonment for civil contempt of court was less a perfect storm — to use one of the press 'hoarier clichés to characterize a grim convergence of unpleasant events — as it was a brownout, a distressing midsummer sign that a full power outage is on its way. The Great D.C. Plame-Out, Or: Novak, Lord of the Journo-Flies
  • I argue that the relationship between past success and convergent thinking may depend on the attributions that groups generate to explain their shared success.
  • Soon there were cries from out at A flotilla of wooden boats converged, men diving for land. Times, Sunday Times
  • Blown in on the north-west monsoon without aid of any chart or astronomical observation, a thousand mariners, tide-driven, converge on the coral reefs.
  • Second, the population flux will converge towards those countries that provide the more generous social benefits or the best living conditions.
  • Albatrosses, petrels, shags and shearwaters glide merrily around, all because of continental shelves and currents that slope and converge and form a giant feeding ground for these stars of the sea.
  • Teams from over 60 nations will converge on Paris this week, including the highly-rated South African, Canadian, American and Australian contingents.
  • The history of western commentaries on ancient Mesoamerican objects is full of extravagant claims made on the basis of such meaningless formal convergences.
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