[ UK /klˈʌt‍ʃ/ ]
[ US /ˈkɫətʃ/ ]
  1. a coupling that connects or disconnects driving and driven parts of a driving mechanism
    this year's model has an improved clutch
  2. a tense critical situation
    he is a good man in the clutch
  3. a number of birds hatched at the same time
  4. a woman's strapless purse that is carried in the hand
  5. a pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism
    he smoothely released the clutch with one foot and stepped on the gas with the other
  6. a collection of things or persons to be handled together
  7. the act of grasping
    he released his clasp on my arm
    he has a strong grip for an old man
    she kept a firm hold on the railing
  1. take hold of; grab
    Birds of prey often seize small mammals
    The sales clerk quickly seized the money on the counter
    The mother seized her child by the arm
    She clutched her purse
  2. affect
    He was seized with a dreadful disease
    Fear seized the prisoners
    The patient was seized with unbearable pains
  3. hold firmly, usually with one's hands
    She clutched my arm when she got scared
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How To Use clutch In A Sentence

  • With a little coo of happiness he began to toddle forwards into the darkness, still clutching his bottle. MY BABYSITTER BITES BACK
  • And approaching that very machine, his last pound coin clutched in his fist, was Felix Henderson McMurdo.
  • If the adventurers try to reach location 14 they will have to pass scores of biting faces and clutching hands.
  • Similarly, when the starter button is pressed, along with the clutch pedal, the system recognises the transponder signal, releases the engine immobiliser and the steering lock, and the engine starts.
  • This is particularly true of the film's climax, which somehow manages to demolish several cop cars, and find Ellen clutching a parasail and jumping through flaming hoops in water skis, yet still be completely unfunny.
  • For an evening look, simply add glitzy heels, a blinging clutch and statement jewellery. The Sun
  • A man staggers out of the shed through a side door, clutching his ribs with his left hand, a gun in his right. CHAMELEON
  • The video recordings of the interviews showed the suspect sitting at a desk clutching a blue blanket over his head. Times, Sunday Times
  • His left leg was going into muscle spasms of some sort and he clutched at his knee with frustration.
  • I sucked and gargled and gulped my man down until his toes opened and closed and he started grabbing and clutching the sheets, moaning out my name. Deep Throat Diva
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