How To Use Cithern In A Sentence

  • I was returned out of the valley aliue, they reuerenced me much, saying that I was baptised and holy, and that the foresayd bodies were men subiect vnto the deuils infernall, who vsed to play vpon citherns, to the end they might allure people to enter, and so murther them. The Journal of Friar Odoric
  • They had organs, lutes, viols, lyres, harps, citherns, horns, and a kind of primitive piano known as the clavichord or the clavicembalo. The Age of the Reformation
  • Geometry with a pair of compasses and a rule, Astronomy with bushel and stars, and Music with cithern and organistrum. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize
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