1. a musical stringed instrument with strings stretched over a flat sounding board; it is laid flat and played with a plectrum and with fingers
  2. a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings
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How To Use cither In A Sentence

  • They had organs, lutes, viols, lyres, harps, citherns, horns, and a kind of primitive piano known as the clavichord or the clavicembalo. The Age of the Reformation
  • We fee therefore, that the cauillations are to much vnmectcwherwith wicked men do in this point di. 'quiet the mindcs of the (imple, to make them call cither the righteoufneiTc of Godjor the faith of the Scripture into doubce. The institution of christian religion
  • Electrolytic means have been used to reduce the metal from its tetravalent state to both the bi- and trivalent forms by employing acid electrolytes and electrodes of cither lead, copper, platinum, or mercury jet.
  • Last week, we found several larger and smaller fragments that almost completed the nearly three-meter-high colossal seated statue of Apollo Klarios, holding a cither in his left arm (see Sculptural Studies, July 25-29). Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Sculptural Studies Report 2
  • Metamnisia was allsoonome coloro-form brune; citherior spiane an eaulande, innemorous and un numerose. Finnegans Wake
  • It makes me feel ashamed of my sex, when I find that I cannot talk of myself to another woman without being supposed to be either in love or thinking of love cither looking for it or avoiding it. The Belton Estate
  • (At the time, along with the cornetto, other instruments used might be chitarrones, cithers and sackbuts).
  • Mastering the cornetto and other early instruments such as chitarrones, cithers and sackbuts is just one of the challenges facing Pinchgut Opera as it prepares to stage Monteverdi's Orfeo.
  • Geometry with a pair of compasses and a rule, Astronomy with bushel and stars, and Music with cithern and organistrum. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize
  • Citheras et vielas nostras non vidi ibi, sed multa alia instrumenta, qu� apud nos non habentur. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation
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