[ US /ˈsaɪfɝ/ ]
[ UK /sˈa‍ɪfɐ/ ]
  1. a quantity of no importance
    we racked up a pathetic goose egg
    reduced to nil all the work we had done
    I didn't hear zilch about it
    it was all for naught
    it looked like nothing I had ever seen before
  2. a message written in a secret code
  3. a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number
  4. a person of no influence
  5. a secret method of writing
  1. make a mathematical calculation or computation
  2. convert ordinary language into code
    We should encode the message for security reasons
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How To Use cipher In A Sentence

  • Dated 196 B.C., the stone is engraved with Greek and hieroglyphic texts that enabled scholars to decipher ancient Egyptian writing.
  • He was one of the first 19th century sailors who tamed the seas through science, inventing systems for transporting cannon over marshy ground, ciphers for code and a system of hydrographical surveys.
  • The professor has deciphered the word 'Nesseta-ciled' by reversal: it is 'delicatessen' ... The Heart Of A Dog
  • The idea that s. 8 protects an individuals’s privacy in garbage until the last unpaid bill rots into dust, or the incriminating letters turn into muck and are no longer decipherable, is to my mind too extravagant to contemplate. SCC: No Privacy Interest in Things We Throw Out : Law is Cool
  • While streaming one video, the picture broke down after about a minute, and the voice track continued over an indecipherable kaleidoscope of colours.
  • He stood there for hours that night and stared into something he knew would make him a meaningless cipher in its light, make him ambiguous, coagulant dust in relationship to the size of a thing he could never comprehend, only quiver to imagine. Southern Cross
  • Only a feat of brilliant decipherment by Jean-François Champollion, working in the 1820s, allowed us to understand ancient Egypt again in its own terms. Beyond the Pharaohs
  • As for the remaining four songs, 'Wrapped Around Your Finger' and 'Tea In The Sahara' are doomy ciphers, the former possibly about marriage, the latter open to a handful of interpretations, none of them exactly upbeat, while 'Synchronicity I' is a trifle explaining the title concept and the monster hit 'Every Breath You Take', is ostensibly a trite love song with it's icy and obsessive core just barely concealed. Synchronicity
  • Except that Bainbridge was never quite that neat a writer; elliptical, mysterious and not too hung up on the indispensability of closure, her novels quite frequently seemed to lack an easily decipherable resolution, and be all the more powerful for it. The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress by Beryl Bainbridge – review
  • The quest for humanity's genetic genealogy began in the early 1980s, when researchers were just starting to decipher the genetic code.
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