How To Use Cinematographer In A Sentence

  • With the words I write here I am not simply a camera operator or cinematographer; I am the lens itself – flattering, accentuating, distorting – recording how the world will recall my coquettish Miss Kathie. The Nervous Breakdown
  • Directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, set designers and the rest had to make hard decisions - to work with the enemy, or not work at all.
  • He ' s assembled an A-list cast, two cinematographers, an award-winning costume designer, and a visual-effects team from South Korea to bring what he describes as detailed authenticity to the film. On Location With China
  • Another “Amelie” alumnus is cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel who flawlessly mixes real photography and computer assistance. Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat
  • He has paired up with a new cinematographer that seems to think on equal creative plains.
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  • Acting as his own cinematographer (he also edited the film), González-Rubio pulls off a remarkable balancing act -- his HD camera is tropistically alert to beauty and sensation but also capable of effacing its own presence, whether in the cramped palafitte or on a narrow fishing boat.
  • The veteran cinematographer is making his directorial debut.
  • Director H. Bruce H.mberstone and cinematographer Edward Cronjager were prolific hacks who began in silent pictures and ended on television, their careers defined by indis criminate efficiency. Calling All Culturati: James Wolcott
  • The production itself cannot be faulted, with cinematographer Caleb Deschanel contrasting the moist mossiness of the Pacific Northwest, the cool grayness of Portland and the pure whites of Canadian winter.
  • He nodded as Post rushed back to talk to his cinematographer.
  • His training as a cinematographer is evident in his composition, and the film itself is more style than substance.
  • The cinematographer and sound recordist were fantastic.
  • No offense to your cinematographer, but he's a stills photographer and you expect him to get up and use a movie camera.
  • The executive producer of Splice is the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, whose Pan's Labyrinth is arguably the most original horror movie of this century, and the cinematographer is the Japanese-trained Tetsuo Nagata, who did a fine job on the Piaf biopic La vie en rose. Splice
  • She defined herself as an engaged cinematographer fighting misogyny and role stereotypes.
  • The man who will shoot the video is Aravind Krishna, a young cinematographer from the Tamil film industry.
  • Then he assembled a meeting between himself, Norman, Savannah, the first A.D., the cinematographer and the head gaffer and let them know what was going on.
  • The cinematographer was the excellent Rodrigo Prieto. I Love You, Brave, Bracing 'Blue Valentine'
  • Best known as a cinematographer, Gu gained international fame with his directorial debut, winning the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2005 for his epic Las Vegas News -
  • Cinematographer Daryn Okada, former three-term prexy of the ASC, said: "I think that the company, from the top down now, is being very responsive to filmmakers.
  • St. Leger, who has a background in TV commercials, and Mather, best known as a cinematographer, sprang to attention with their technically cutting-edge digital short "Prey Alone," a manhunt thriller.
  • In the same way as he or she might recce locations with the cinematographer, I make regular food-tasting trips with my chef - it's important to check things out, whether it's the best dumpling in Shanghai or the perfect egg tart in Hong Kong.
  • All three films share the same cinematographer.
  • The script, while hopelessly literary, is filled with some beautiful moments captured in luscious widescreen by cinematographer Richard Greatrex.
  • A writer/actor/producer/editor/composer/cinematographer/director and multitasker extraordinaire, he makes films all by himself - and not simply because he wants to.
  • He has been producer, director, writer, actor, editor, cinematographer, sound recordist and composer.
  • The cinematographer was the estimable Paul Sarossy. 'Like Crazy': From Cupid's Blunders, Wonders
  • I brought in footage from the same period done by the same cinematographer, and then I added some new footage.
  • Apart from slight hesitations and minor delays from the cinematographer (much to everyone's amusement) they left an indelible impression.
  • Bigelow ramps up the visceral tension with help from cinematographer Barry Ackroyd, who also lensed the terrifying docudrama “United 93.” Deceptively simple story works for visceral “The Hurt Locker” » Scene-Stealers
  • As the camera the cinematographer is the gifted Andrew Reed moves around the table from one to the other, the warm light brightens their faces, pulling them out of the dark and toward shared discovery. NYT > Home Page
  • How affecting he is now, outlining aspects of the divisive mess that's ensued since the deaths of Doctors Bond and Barnes, in this engrossingly sad indictment of power gone awry, directed by Don Argott serving as his own cinematographer. Michael Henry Adams: The Art of the Steal: Betraying Dr. Albert Barnes and Future Generations
  • This is obviously due in part to the hiring of the experienced Vilmos Zsigmond as his cinematographer this time, who gives the scenes a depth we haven't really seen before (not everything is done in a oner).
  • The bleakness of the camp is well captured by both the cinematographer and the soundtrack composer.
  • In Hud Martin Ritt had fine actors, an excellent cinematographer, and a superb location, and he still managed to cripple the film dramatically by chaining himself hand and foot to the assbackwards structure of my novel. Film flam
  • He also praises it as much as the others before, saying that the result of Steven Soderbergh's work as director, editor, and cinematographer is "expressive, innovative, striking, exciting. Why You Should Take an Interest in Steven Soderbergh's Che «
  • His goal was always to become a cinematographer rather than a writer or director.
  • This documentary took four years to produce, using more than a dozen cinematographers filming on every continent of the planet.
  • Sometimes this even goes for smaller movies Kevin Smith said that when he was making "Cop Out" the studio had to approve the visuals from the first days of shooting because he was using a cinematographer that's never worked with them before. chee All Warner Bros Tentpole Movies Will Be Released in 3D | /Film
  • It was the same night, a well-known director-cinematographer said he was roughed up by an allegedly drunken policeman in mufti.
  • To cast light and shadows on the set at various times of day, cinematographer John Mathieson built a 500-foot section of the velarium suspended on 14 steel towers standing 80 feet high. Sandals, Sweat, and Swords
  • Dmytryk and veteran cinematographer Harry J. Wild create a brooding environment where shadow threatens to overwhelm the characters.
  • As Leigh did with 2008's "Happy-Go-Lucky," he and cinematographer Dick Pope have chosen a lush palette and expansive widescreen canvas to draw the audience into Tom and Gerri's lambent world, made all the more seductive by Gary Yershon's lyrical chamber score. Somewhere between settled and unsettling
  • The hardest thing when you make a short film is that you don't know a cinematographer who happens to be married to your sister.
  • He wrote his own scripts, composed most of the musical soundtracks and was the cinematographer in a number of his films.
  • The camera work by the cinematographer is first rate, and the film goes over many standard Hitchcock themes such as voyeurism - especially apt in this cyberworld of 24/7 voyeurism. Blog De Ganz | Archive | September
  • This version has the same producer, leading lady, cinematographer and costume designer as the classic weepie Imitation of Life. Weekly Mishmash: March 21-27 :
  • Wildlife cinematographers and researchers camp out in these houses to study flora and fauna.
  • ULABY: Convergence, interaxial, interocular - the cinematographers and camera people are gearheads game to master this technology, but they do have some reservations. 3D Boot Camp: A New Dimension For Live-Action Film

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