How To Use Chunnel In A Sentence

  • They're working perfectly, have been since the Chunnel construction was first started. CORMORANT
  • `Total of 221 boreholes drilled along the Chunnel's intended route between 1953 and 1990 to sample the substrata. CORMORANT
  • At the mid-point of my little Chunnel tube is a block of Semtex plastique explosive; 200 grams to be exact. CORMORANT
  • No word yet on the extent of the damage or when the so-called Chunnel could be reopened to traffic. CNN Transcript Sep 11, 2008
  • We have here a miniaturized and vastly simplified version of the Chunnel. CORMORANT
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  • And we have been telling you about this story out of British newspaper report on an alleged terror plot against the Chunnel, that is the 31-mile underwater tunnel connecting Britain and France. CNN Transcript Dec 24, 2006
  • I have detailed drawings of the Chunnel 's construction provided by our anonymous Japanese friend. CORMORANT
  • It hasn't, and today the 31. 4-mile Chunnel is owned by private company Eurotunnel, which operates at about 50% of capacity and is hoping to increase profits by luring more passengers. High-Speed Competition
  • The books proudly boast about the "Chunnel" -- the tunnel between England and France -- as a work in progress. - Local News
  • For instance, “central Asia” might allocate funds to build parallel high speed rail lines, passenger and cargo, from the Asian Pacific coast to a rail link on the English Channel, called the Chunnel, then on to Londontown, and have it all done by 2018. Matthew Yglesias » Books-a-Million
  • People inside the 50-kilometer (30-mile) tunnel, known as the Chunnel, were evacuated through a service tunnel that runs between the two train-carrying tunnels, Eurotunnel officials said. Top Stories - Google News
  • A 2008 nonfatal fire in the Channel Tunnel also known as the Chunnel between England and France, destroyed 750 meters of concrete lining. The Seattle Times
  • Despite the encouraging figures, the Chunnel has prompted ferry companies to smarten up their act, and offer better deals.
  • Went on and on about rabid rats from the Continent streaking through the Chunnel and infesting the English countryside. CORMORANT
  • I would add that Eurotunnel shares might be vulnerable were the Chunnel to be put out of service. CORMORANT
  • Many Britons think the Chunnel is a great idea for IRA bombers. Why Do Brits Hate The Chunnel?
  • Ashida had suggested the Chunnel plan with a dismissive shrug, S. CORMORANT
  • Everything had hinted at a sophisticated attack on the Chunnel from the seabed. CORMORANT
  • Channel Tunnel link closed after Eurostar trains break down THE Channel Tunnel link between Britain and mainland Europe, colloquially known as the Chunnel, was suspended today due to three broken-down Eurostar trains blocking both lines. The Australian | News |
  • Ashida had suggested the Chunnel plan with a dismissive shrug, S. CORMORANT

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