chlorophyll c

  1. the chlorophyll present in brown algae, diatoms, and flagellates
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How To Use chlorophyll c In A Sentence

  • Chlorophyll contents, as well as concentrations of the carboxylation enzymes Rubisco and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, are lower in aquatic compared with terrestrial leaves of amphibious plants.
  • The chlorophyll captures the energy of light, and makes it accessible to the plant for photosynthesis.
  • Water stress decreased the chlorophyll contents, stomatic density, and stomatic size of ginger leaves, and reduced the root activity and magnitude of bleeding sap of ginger roots.
  • Satellites can currently measure sea temperature,[sentence dictionary] sea height and chlorophyll concentrations.
  • An incr eased leaf weight ratio (LWR) and inter-veinal chlorosis evidenced in boron deficient leaves may indicate excessive carbohydrate accumulation, leading to a decline in chlorophyll content.
  • Four sensors on the tractor-mounted unit scan the crop while you're travelling through, measuring chlorophyll content.
  • However, phaeophytes are not closely related to land plants; their cells contain different pigments, such as chlorophyll c and fucoxanthin.
  • Although the nitrogen contained in chlorophyll cannot be retrieved from the senescing leaf, chlorophyll degradation is required to prevent the accumulation of free chlorophyll and of toxic chlorophyll catabolites.
  • Willst√§tter showed a structural relatedness between chlorophyll and hemin, and he demonstrated that chlorophyll contains magnesium as an integral component. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The Development of Modern Chemistry
  • The chlorophyll content was measured with an instrument called a SPAD meter which is sensitive to slight chlorophyll differences.
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