How To Use Child molester In A Sentence

  • Most petty criminals support each other in any dealings with the police but they will not hesitate to put the finger on a child molester.
  • All criminals, I suppose, in one sense, are a danger to the community - embezzlers just as much as child molesters.
  • James, well I think that anybody who engages in deviant sex be it women and underage boys or child molesters or homosexuals should be punished for their action. Think Progress » VIDEO: Inhofe ‘Very Proud’ There’s Never Been a Homosexual Relationship in the ‘Recorded History of Our Family’
  • SPOKANE -- A suspected child molester who tried to hide from the law in Costa Rica is back in Spokane and standing trial in Superior Court. Sex Offender Issues
  • Asaram bapu aka tantrik con man aka dusro ke bacho ka thekedaar, child molester aka SELF CALLED GOD, ex liquor seller, rapist, Mafia goonda says he does charity service by selling his products. - Articles related to Bombay High Court dismisses Lalit Modi's Petition
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  • The callowness now on display goes a long way toward explaining why politicians and the media are held in public esteem somewhere above child molesters and below bankers.
  • A nationwide manhunt for an alleged child molester is over. Chester Stiles was arrested in Navade during a traffic stop and he is now scheduled to appear in court.
  • That's why we don't want child molesters to work with children, we don't want tennis instruction from those who have never played it, and we don't take to heart moralizing conservative rhetoric and press releases introjected into print without surrounding context from people who claim a background as sex workers. "Jeff Gannon" asks, "Why should my past prevent me from having a future?"
  • After Whitman obtained her excuse from having to serve as a juror, fortunately -- for the people of the state who want to see state laws protecting children from child molesters enforced in courtrooms that require jurors for their function -- there were still some "little people" left in the venire from which a jury could be empanelled. David Coleman: Is Meg Whitman California's Version of Leona Helmsley?
  • One can't be clear based on the wording whether the seld-confessing was to being homosexual/heterosexual or to being child molesters. Hastert's Chief Of Staff Denies Fordham Allegations
  • Jasun Wurster and those who support the effort are in the process of being subverted by right wing ideologues who could care less about Portland, but would use this as an issue to say "Look at those liberals who would rather keep a child molester in office ... blah blah blah" in order to justify their fringe values and policies to gain some ounce of momentum for the 2010 election. How not to recall a Portland mayor (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • So do you support rights for polygamists, folks who engage in bestiality, child molesters, dendraphiliacs and the other perverts who are judged by their sexual preferences? ShePop: Carrie Prejean's tale of an ultra-modern pageant girl |
  • Only one in sixteen child molesters is ever convicted, 85% of abuse is carried out by adults known to the children, and some figures estimate over 80% goes unreported. Shattered Reality « Tales from the Reading Room
  • Asaram bapu aka tantrik con man aka dusro ke bacho ka thekedaar, child molester aka SELF - Articles related to Pranab Mukherjee promises major changes in revised direct tax codes
  • There were no significant differences between child molesters and incest offenders.
  • August 14th, 2004 at 10: 54 pm yeah but you proberbly loved mj before all the mess .. mj being a perv doesnt automatically make usher the most talented of the two. how long was mj on the top of the lists??? if usher is going to beat that then you can talk about him being the new king. hes succesfull yes but he does not stand out. for people who aren´t into rnb it sounds the same. it could be any thanks to the generic sound of rnb. im no fan of either but i bet you. mjs music will be rembered a long time after ushers star faded. child molester or not Usher for King!
  • They look at Superbowl Guy like he was a superstitious "ex" Nazi, somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun, who preaches discrimination against gays and women, believes himself to be infallible, is a firm roadblock to social progress, dictates policies that ensures the spread of AIDS, dresses like an overly-rich drag queen with no taste, and devotes his time to protecting child molesters around the globe? Tallulah Morehead: Survivor 21: Infants vs Senior Citizens : Triage for Dummies.
  • We have perverts, flashers and child molesters.
  • It's the reality that I had to face 20 years ago that there were sexual predators and child molesters out there.
  • These people are not only in prison, but as convicted child molesters occupy the lowest, most despised niche in prison society - the 'nonce'. Archive 2004-02-01
  • They have suggested a sinister network where child molesters passed the word around that the schools were fertile areas for their activities.
  • In hot legal water -- and court-ordered therapy -- for having assaulted a potential child molester, Tess Monaghan is more than ready for a distraction. The Last Place: Summary and book reviews of The Last Place by Laura Lippman.
  • Will the cps take their children because they are considered a child molesterr? Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 09/24/09
  • He'd been publicly labeled a child molester.
  • For reasons I won't pretend to understand, it might almost be more difficult to raise such issues about a zoophile than about a Nazi death-camp guard or a child molester. GreenCine Daily: Zoo.
  • He is, you know, what we call a kinder, gentler child molester, because he ` s not violent. CNN Transcript Apr 27, 2005
  • They maintain their father threatened to kill his sons to stop them from exposing him as a child molester.

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