How To Use Chewer In A Sentence

  • Kitteh, chew could use a good agent to maek you a star, get chewer own sitcom, be a moobie star. I don’t see what the problem is. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Take care with Christmas lights, especially if your dog is a chewer. 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog
  • Rarely was the choice of potations criticised, though occasionally some ruddy eschewer of sobriety insisted that his lady "take the same," avowing that "hootch," having been demonstrated beneficial in his case, was good for her also. The Spoilers
  • The family patriarch on "No Ordinary Family" is played by Michael Chiklis, our generation's greatest living scenery chewer. ABC unveils first post-"Lost" primetime schedule
  • 'eaten of the insane root' was meant, I calculate, as a hard rap on tobacco-chewers (and smokers too); he called it _root_, instead of The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864
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  • I don't think I'm giving away a state secret when I note that Gene is a compulsive pen-chewer who renders a typical pen into something that looks like it's been fed into a chipper and then soaked in acid and then ripped apart by wild dogs. Washington Post Pulitzers
  • Do you remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka introduces some three-course-meal gum, which gives the chewer the flavor experience of eating a full meal without any of the actual food (or the calories)? Le Whif delivers chocolate without calories | Baking Bites
  • The biggest mistake smokers / tobacco chewers make when trying to quit is giving up.
  • Almost all habitual chewers use tobacco with or without the betel quid.
  • So, gum chewers, when you've chewed it enough please wrap it and bin it, or stick it behind your ear for later.
  • Although they're easy to house-train and take to a litter box with ease, they're notorious chewers, and tempting targets like electrical cords have to be kept out of reach. SFGate: Top News Stories
  • They were described as gum shields being decorated boards with holes on top of a bin, the chewer then drops their gum through the hole into the bin.
  • He is a sword swallower, bottle chewer and animal regurgitator. Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic! (Pushing Daisies 2.6) | The Disney Blog
  • A chewer and spitter might be classified as bulimic, Dr. Striegel-Moore said; an almost-anorexic would fall under binge eating disorder. NYT > Home Page
  • With smokers and tobacco chewers becoming more desperate, the value of tobacco has exploded.
  • The biggest mistake smokers/tobacco chewers make when trying to quit is giving up.
  • It is a treat to watch a veteran betel chewer go about the serious business of betel chewing.
  • So unless you have a 24/7 tennis ball chewer, don't worry about it. There are worse things for dogs than chewing tennis balls
  • They argue much of what we believe to be left-overs from inconsiderate chewers are lichens, the most primitive form of plant life.
  • An allied species is common on the coast of China, where the pearls are collected for export to India, to be reduced to lime by calcination for the use of luxurious betel-nut chewers. Tropic Days
  • If your Christmas canine is a chewer by nature, then the All Natural Mega Munch Sticks $4.99 made of bark covered willow branches will have your pet chomping and chasing this multipurpose toy. Wendy Diamond: Holiday Pet Gifts to Bark About
  • Others reckoned that shops should be made to display notices advising Britain's gum chewers of their responsibilities.
  • This also provides a healthy alternative to tobacco chewers.
  • Now 80 years old, Mr. Shatner has built a persona that hovers somewhere between self-mocking scenery chewer and philosophical show-biz survivor. William Shatner Tackles A Familiar Subject: Himself
  • Pizarro found chewers in Peru, but it was in the country discovered by Cabral that the great sternutatory was originally found. Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce
  • He manages to steal the film, even next to various scenery-chewers' bits of bravado.
  • If they are numerous, the field should be "wormed" every morning, or at least every other day, which labor will be rewarded with a choice collection of primitive tobacco chewers. Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce
  • Men and women may be employed to carry spittoons to enable paan chewers to spit in them.
  • I was a nail chewer, inclined to brood, and dubious of the motives of other people. Excerpt: Manhood for Amateurs by Michael Chabon
  • Eschewers of sun-worship will find other places to dream further north. The Times Literary Supplement
  • By this time I was literally quaking in my Reeboks, certain that at any moment the gum chewer, with a dismissive click of his fingers, would signal to those two soldiers to take me away.
  • Even older women who chew betel regularly make a point of how little tobacco they use within the quid, and cautioned other chewers of the strength of the tobacco.

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