How To Use Cherty In A Sentence

  • Although he had an unrivalled ability to motivate players, Docherty's approach often bordered on theatre of cruelty.
  • It's likely that Docherty's endorsement had the effect of making the change in wording acceptable to Protestants who may have been chary of adopting what seemed a Catholic proposal.
  • Many tectonic ironstones are rather massive, cherty rocks, suggesting that early structural fabrics were annihilated by late-stage chert replacement.
  • Tectonic ironstone encompasses siliceous and ferruginous rock types that are characterized by the presence of chert or cherty quartzite, iron sulphides and their alteration products.
  • Carter crossed the line in a time of one hour 51.07 minutes and was followed home by Bevan Docherty.
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  • Soils are often cherty and have developed from carbonate rocks or interbedded chert, sandstone, and shale; mesic Ultisols, Alfisols, and Mollisols are common. Ecoregions of Arkansas (EPA)
  • While the phrase ‘assisting individual constituents’ is fairly straightforward, Docherty might have better explained exactly what services they procure for their ridings and how they do so.
  • Docherty is, at this very moment, embodying the phenomenon by wearing combat trousers and a furry-hooded anorak and being, frankly, a bit whiffy.
  • Docherty said the companies will continue to compete with each other on telecommunications services they run over the joint network.
  • Three years ago, Laurence Docherty's disappointment at being left out of the Sydney squad seared his mind.
  • And the great Maggie Smith, as a dotty old dame named Mrs. Docherty, grabs her moment of unglory by sitting on a pad of cowflop that goes squish. 'Last Dancer': Ultimately on Point
  • On Laurel River in Madison is a peculiar cherty splintered whitish quartz rock which Mr. George Gehagan has manufactured into millstones, which are described as nearly equal in performance to the French buhrstone. A Guide to Capitalists and Emigrants: Being a Statistical and Descriptive Account of the Several Counties of the State of North Carolina, United States of America; Together with Letters of Prominent Citizens of the State in Relation to the Soil, Climate,
  • The consequences of that are only too apparent in cases such as that of Andrew Docherty.
  • Baillie dead-panned that the first Scotland boss he covered was Tommy Docherty and it had been ‘downhill ever since’.
  • The clasts of the Jurassic strata, particularly the stromatolite-bearing, cherty limestone and purple quartzite, can be correlated with those in the footwall of the fault.
  • Structurally associated with an anticline, where erosion of broken rock scooped out the linear valley, it is composed mostly of Mississippian to Ordovician-age limestones, dolomites, and shales, with some low, cherty ridges. Ecoregions of Alabama and Georgia (EPA)
  • Docherty said the companies will continue to compete with each other on telecommunications services they run over the joint network.
  • Its mineralogical constitution is not simple; in some parts the rock is of a cherty, in others of a feldspathic nature, including thin veins of serpentine. Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle
  • To take the gold, Carter engaged in a head-to-head duel with his countryman, world champion Bevan Docherty.

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