1. an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker
  2. passerine bird of New World tropics
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How To Use chatterer In A Sentence

  • You'll make a good point, a half-dozen of her commenters will respond with some counterpoint, and if you respond to more than 2 of them she deletes your posts without notice and declares you a "chatterer". "You might be smart enough to play chez Althouse, but you have got to try much harder. Get out of the boys' club..."
  • At home, although the man in our house is outnumbered 3: 1, I would say that the women speak a disproportionate amount of the time (none of usis agreat chatterer, though, our house is more likely to be silent rather than filled with conversation by either gender). Sarah Paretsky and voices of women
  • The cusk-eel oscillogram, frequency and pulse data suggested to Sprague and Loczkovich (in press) that the cusk-eel may be the chatterer source.
  • The earliest entry, for 1900, is 'natterer', to describe 'a person who fusses or natters; a chatterer'. Times, Sunday Times
  • The chatterers had almost passed her when one said sharply, ‘Wait!’
  • The American political class, in which I include commentators and chatterers as well as office holders and their minions, is composed of intelligent folks who have devoted a lot of cogitation time to the issues of the day. Immigration
  • Antique Holly, after Tribal Council's eviction of marathon chatterer Wendy: "I really liked Wendy. Tallulah Morehead: Survivor 21: Infants vs Senior Citizens: Shut up, Shannon!
  • The last Randian response to the "chatterers" that you quote, Bryan, looks an awful lot like Descartes 'famous Cogito argument (on one common interpretation): doubt that one exists is impossible because doubting is a kind of thinking, and thinking requires a thinker who exists. Ayn Rand, Wise Philosopher Despite Some Bad Arguments, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • He was a great chatterer. Times, Sunday Times
  • My plan is $15/month for 500 outgoing minutes (I'm not much of a chatterer), including long distance, caller ID, voice mail, and a slew of other features that Qwest would ream you for, if only they offered them. Two thirds of a day with an iPhone (Jack Bog's Blog)
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