1. varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles
    chatoyant (or shot) silk
    a dragonfly hovered, vibrating and iridescent
    changeable taffeta
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How To Use chatoyant In A Sentence

  • Tigers Eye is what they call "chatoyant," - the so called cat's eye effect. The one, the only, Sabine Stonebender
  • Unlike most chatoyant malachite, this material is hard and doesn't fall apart when worked.
  • The future availability of chatoyant demantoid in not known.
  • Another interesting variety of this blue sapphire is one known as "chatoyant"; this has a rapidly changing lustre, which seems to undulate between a green-yellow and a luminous blue, with a phosphorescent glow, or fire, something like that seen in the eyes of a cat in the dark, or the steady, burning glow observed when the cat is fascinating a bird -- hence its name. The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones
  • She saw Lucifer, along with the other white winged angels being cast from Heaven: a chatoyant harmony of colors reflected from their extraordinary falling movements until they eventually disappeared into a deep, dark void. Nell Shea
  • Either because they possessed a chatoyant quality of their own (as I had often suspected), or by reason of the light reflected through the open window, the green eyes gleamed upon me vividly like those of a giant cat. The Devil Doctor
  • The varying colors and luster of the stones is called a chatoyant effect, and is due to internal microscopic hollow channels in the stone itself. Zolar’s Magick Of Color
  • Another example is Moonstone - a variety of orthoclase mineral that, when polished, has chatoyant optical property that allows light to show as a crescent in the stone.
  • chatoyant (or shot) silk
  • Cuts must be exactly parallel to the length of the fibers to get the full chatoyant effect.
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