How To Use Changeability In A Sentence

  • Value value val-yü n. 1: the desirability of something, in respect to usefulness and/or exchangeability 2: worth or importance Higgins Hockey Fantasy Index 2010–2011
  • If needed, the missing values may be interpolated by averaging the exchangeability-as-source of the source amino acid, and the exchangeability-as-destination of the destination amino acid.
  • Decades of changeability inured them to the pain and discomfort of the ideological gymnastics required to please Republican voters. Nancy L. Cohen: Why the GOP Circus Has Mattered
  • The cinematic image is freed from its traditional image character through the exchangeability and simulation of its signifiers.
  • Basically, the coach just experimented with different lineups, depth and interchangeability.
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  • Houston Lawyer: Since you cite the “thirty aught six” and are a Texan, do you have an opinion on the 30.06 vs the .308 vs the 7.62 Nato and their interchangeability? The Volokh Conspiracy » What is a zoobow?
  • The facility with which extensions to the coalescent can be made depends on this problem of exchangeability.
  • Interpretation of early reports is complicated by the interchangeability of the terms ‘psalm’, ‘hymn’, and ‘song’.
  • The first of these was an almost complete interchangeability between different parts of speech.
  • Customers also are interested in "interchangeability," Poole notes. Purchasing - Top Stories
  • This leads to irritability, changeability, and lack of persistence when pursuing a given objective.
  • Nor is any sort of necessity imposed upon the things God wills from the eternity and unchangeability of the divine will.
  • Both authors are committed to the idea of accounting for business activity using exit values, and advocate the basic accounting principles of exchangeability for assets and future cash outflow for liabilities.
  • The photograph, the performance, and the statue, in turn, point directly toward that ideal exchangeability.
  • On the one hand, the fact that Ganymede is a boy, so beautiful that Zeus decides to abduct and rape him, highlights this interchangeability. The Uses and Abuses of Historicism: Halperin and Shelley on the Otherness of Ancient Greek Sexuality
  • The members of Crass also attempted to mediate between the two poles of the commodity - use-value and exchange-value - by de-emphasizing their commodities' exchangeability expressed as a price.
  • This changeability has served her well – she is not an actor who gets asked to repeat herself much, or is often typecast, though, if pushed, she thinks the thread running through her work is probably something about women being tested. The Saturday interview: Anne-Marie Duff
  • But he too has seen what appears to be the interchangeability of the team's kick returner. The Mystery of The Jets' Miracle Return Game
  • This interchangeability is not to diminish these bands 'various accomplishments, but rather to highlight the impressive nature of a two-noun when they actually succeed in standing out from the endless trail of boys setting up and breaking down drum sets -- especially on the stage at Mercury Lounge. Monica Klein: Small Black Stands Out At Mercury Lounge (FREE MP3, SLIDESHOW)
  • It does not require exchangeability of that which is called an asset; therefore it allows all expenditures to be considered for inclusion as assets.
  • This is evidence that the present warming of the climate does not go beyond the limits of natural changeability.
  • Antonin Scalia, speaking against "changeability" and stressing "the whole antievolutionary purpose of a constitution," says "its whole purpose is to prevent change - to embed certain rights in such a manner that future generations cannot readily take them away. stories
  • Ideally, each set should be a complete set, a randomly chosen subset, or, at the very least, an arbitrary subset based on some factor (typically, experimental convenience) extraneous to the issues raised by exchangeability.
  • He advocates criteria such as exchangeability for assets and future cash outflows for liabilities.
  • Flexibility and changeability are merely the opposites of unchangeability and solidity.
  • It is categorically mistaken to wish, as Bloom does, for limitless exchangeability in the sphere of familial relations, just as it is categorically mistaken to wish for absolute difference or singularity in the sphere of civic finance.
  • The note of unchangeability loomed above all, which is why early rumblings about Mass in ‘the vernacular’ were rudely dismissed by every monsignor to whom I ever handed cruets.
  • It does not require exchangeability, and therefore it allows all expenditures to be considered for inclusion as assets.
  • Curiously, it is titled Science and the Modern World on the inner title page and in the headers throughout the text, but not on the front cover, where an ampersand replaces the word and, thus demonstrating the general interchangeability of these symbols. Whitehead and the modern word
  • They all look completely different, but interchangeability from multiple brands enables Ford to create a wide variety of models.
  • The language of the factory and of human dignity is as incompatible as would be the interchangeability of machine and life. June 30th, 2009
  • His thoughts on Futurist architecture were in accordance with the speed and changeability of modernity, although the monumental buildings in his drawings do not seem to be of the impermanent and transient kind.
  • Antonin Scalia, speaking against "changeability" and stressing "the whole antievolutionary purpose of a constitution," says "its whole purpose is to prevent change -- to embed certain rights in such a manner that future generations cannot readily take them away. rss feed
  • The long and difficult experiments performed by Guillaume year after year on numerous alloys and above all on nickel steel to determine their expansibility, elasticity, hardness, changeability with age, and stability ultimately led him to the important discovery of the nickel steel alloy known as invar, the temperature coefficient of which is practically zero. Nobel Prize in Physics 1920 - Presentation Speech
  • The relationship is, to be precise, exchangeability. Skzbrust: Capital Volume 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Section 3
  • There are some problems in formulating a doctrine of God's unchangeability from the Bible.
  • Compare frames, axles, transmissions, efficiency from power take off to attachments and interchangeability of attachments.
  • Successful health services in the 21st century must aim not merely for change, improvement, and response, but for changeability, improvability, and responsiveness.
  • But whereas money has dominated society as the representation of universal equivalence — the exchangeability of different goods whose uses remain uncomparable — the spectacle is the modern complement of money: a representation of the commodity world as a whole which serves as a general equivalent for what the entire society can be and can do. 2009 August
  • Watercolor proves to be a compatible medium for the artist's purposes: the ephemeral effect of his pigments echoes the changeability of his study.
  • The last essay demonstrates the results of applying tychism and exchangeability to agricultural economics.
  • The latter was in contrast to the definition proposed ten years earlier which specified exchangeability as an essential asset characteristic.
  • Versatility and interchangeability were the hallmarks of his squad, to the point where halfbacks were on and off the field as often as forwards.
  • Yellowhammer, attempting to prevent Moll from escaping to meet the man she loves, equates her in value and exchangeability to the bullion or coins in his shop: ‘I will lock up this baggage, / As carefully as my gold ’.
  • The femme fatale is noted for changeability and treachery.
  • If, additionally, a study employs random assignment, then exchangeability derives from the randomization performed, and the randomization test supports internal validity as well as statistical validity.
  • But there is far more interchangeability with the latter. A Progressive on the Prairie » Book price war: Thanksgiving skirmish or Armageddon? » Print
  • Adorno argues that the belief that true thinking may simply be equated with correct predicative thinking both reflects and enables the imperative to a universal exchangeability of objects within organised economic life.
  • Shakespeare chooses names for them that are similar almost the the point of interchangeability: Hermia, Helena, both trisyllabic, beginning in 'He' with the stress on the first syllable and ending in 'a'. Shakespeare
  • The Children of Danu were the powers of life, the powers worshipped in the ecstatic dances among the woods and upon the mountains, and they had the flamelike changeability of life, and were the makers of all changes. Later Articles and Reviews
  • Which is why one gag concerns the apparent interchangeability of the twenty-something Wall Street brokers and dealers with whom our narrator consorts. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
  • Attempts to classify amino acid changes according to their evolutionary exchangeability have been briefly noted.
  • What measures of software quality attributes (e.g. defect rates, productivity, portability, changeability …) are robust enough to allow us to make valid comparisons between species of SE? What makes software engineering for climate models different? | Serendipity
  • Between each knot of machine barrel, and between machine barrels and bushes is favorable exchangeability.
  • For the body that stands for exchangeability and use is female.
  • The interchangeability of sadistic and masochistic positions within the diegesis potentially undercuts the a priori masochism ascribed by current film theory to the female spectator of classical cinema.
  • And interchangeability - both inside and out - is the key to success as a swing.
  • While the findings of the Pew poll are not terribly new -- Republican gubernatorial candidates won independents overwhelmingly in New Jersey and Virginia in 2009 as did Sen. Scott Brown earlier this year in Massachusetts -- the level of changeability apparent in their voting patterns suggest they will keep the national political climate unstable for years to come. The amazingly unpredictable independent voter
  • Over 95% of all dollars in existence today were "printed" through bank lending since 1971, when Nixon reneged on gold exchangeability. Bill Baker: The Real Reason for QE2
  • Malthus marks the effective interchangeability of these two tendencies in an example illustrating the possible causes of a decline in demand for decorative trimmings.
  • Whitney pioneered the idea of interchangeability as a fundamental principle of production, and he successfully applied the principle to a product that must be made with the greatest precision. Mises Institute Daily Articles (Full-text version)
  • Such essentialism turns profane spaces into sites that are released from any constraint as to their exchangeability and exploitation.
  • Another feature is that a given amino acid can belong to several distinct classes, indicating that context-dependent amino-acid exchangeability is an important aspect of protein evolution.
  • As an extension of female sexuality, then, commodification also extends that constitutive passivity to the absolute emptiness of fetishization; that is, the stasis and the consequent lack of status of the female figure result in an emptying out of significance that coincides with the process by which fetishization empties bodies, beings, and practices of all significance except their exchangeability with objects (85). close window Notes on 'The State of Things: Olaudah Equiano and the Volatile Politics of Heterocosmic Desire'
  • Vision acquires a previously unknown flexibility and autonomy: ‘what occurs is a new valuation of visual experience: it is given an unprecedented mobility and exchangeability, abstracted from any founding site or referent’.
  • Links between international relations and international history - often referred to as diplomatic history - help to reinforce this notion of interchangeability of terms.
  • The elegant exchangeability of the ASG comes with a cost: it lends itself only to very computationally intensive techniques.
  • Since everything is trying to reach rest and unchangeability there must be a goal corresponding to what everything is trying to achieve.

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