How To Use Change hands In A Sentence

  • The trader dishes the CDs out as fivers and tenners change hands.
  • Those elections are a Hypersouk [souk is Arabic for traditional rural market] where votes change hands, are auctioned, sold off. Global Voices in English » Morocco: Campaigning for the Disenchanted
  • His helper passes the CDs to him from a three-feet-deep cardboard box and the trader dishes them out to supporters as fivers and tenners change hands.
  • If it was sold to a developer, a considerable amount of money could change hands.
  • If it was sold to a developer, a considerable amount of money could change hands.
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  • The practice is so widespread that some notaries who witness real estate closings are said to set aside rooms for cash to change hands discreetly.
  • He was not, however, awarded the WWE Championship because the title cannot change hands on a count-out. WWE Championship
  • Smith McNell's, the old down-town restaurant and hotel, will change hands shortly for the first time in its long career.
  • Crores of rupees change hands and children are forced to become slaves.
  • The only painting of his to change hands in recent years was a Nativity, stolen in 1969 from a church in Palermo - where Caravaggio had painted it after having escaped from gaol in Malta.
  • But even this little collection of cottage garden produce won't change hands without some stern bargaining.
  • Even larger amounts change hands when a star player is transferred from one club to another.
  • The stolen pets change hands within a day or two and are sold to people outside the city limits, which make it very difficult for the owner to trace the stolen pet.
  • Mr Adams's defeat in the only Northern Ireland seat to change hands was widely welcomed by nationalist and Unionist politicians.
  • With a three-way auction underway, it certainly looks like the supermarket chain is going to change hands.
  • Just under 5% of its equity is listed in Moscow, although the market is illiquid and few shares change hands.
  • I'd gathered Santa Fe was an extravagant, wide-open community, but even I was astonished at the amounts I saw change hands that night; the gamblers of Santa Fe, whether they were drunk traders, flash greasers, desperate immigrants, cold-eyed swells with pistols prominently displayed in their waistbands, or even the couple of tonsured priests who had an apparently bottomless satchel of coin and crossed themselves before every cast of the dice, were evidently no pikers. Isabelle
  • Considerable sums of money change hands here and generally end up in Macau's state coffers.

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