How To Use Chambermaid In A Sentence

  • As for Neil Falzon, he is merely doing his job, its up to our Goverment to do his now and that is to protect our National interest regardless of what Neil Falzon states. jeffrey pullicino orlando is saying things as they are. in reality they are even worse. i still cannot understand why policemen do not stop people who clearly do not have permission to stay in malta and ask for their ID / passports etc. as in done in Milan. just go to the gzira and msida front amongst other places, just go the 5 star hotels with people working as chambermaids, cleaners and dishwashers and c the amount of foreigners who clearly should not be there. what about the man emptying your bins into the scamel? and do not tell me they have a work permit from ETC, because most of them ETC never gets to know about! and do not tell me that the maltese people do not want to do these type of jobs because i have seen chambermaids crying because their hotel wont turn them into full-timers despite promises, because of the cheap labour of these people, whose standards do not even compare with that of our maltese workers!
  • The two peasant girls whom the hero simultaneously seduces here become hotel chambermaids.
  • A meal for two had been brought in by the equivalent of a chambermaid, some sort of claws from shelled creatures.
  • Not only chambermaids but hospital orderlies will feel for their predicament.
  • They grumbled unhappily, tripping over the hems of their deep lavender gowns marking them as chambermaids, and remained blissfully unaware.
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  • So there she was, dressed in an ivory silk slip dress and black silk slipper shoes with her red hair gone and her orange eyes hazed over with anger, pain and sorrow, being walked to the temple with only the three silent chambermaids as company.
  • She wore heavy silver jewelry and had an aristocratic sneer (or so the two gossiping chambermaids whispered among themselves).
  • In the mornings the chambermaid will roll it up leaving the floor space free.
  • Okwe has a tentative relationship with Senay, a Turkish refugee who works as a chambermaid at the same hotel in violation of her status.
  • A blue-eyed, blonde chambermaid caught my eye. Times, Sunday Times
  • It couldn't be that hard to be a chambermaid in a coaching inn, she decided. Burning Bright
  • More than once a hot-water bottle filled with cider burst in the back of a closet, for a chambermaid to find.
  • While chambermaids set to work with trolleys laden with clean sheets and cleaning materials, Anita embarks on her rigorous checks.
  • Chambermaids in France are continuing the strike they began on March 7.
  • The chambermaid spoke little English, so her husband came with her to interpret.
  • The author has also previously worked as a chambermaid, a waitress and an office dogsbody in Friends of the Earth.
  • Teddy's girlfriend, in-house chambermaid, she is about four foot ten, with a face like a petite fox.
  • Women worked as hotel chambermaids, housekeepers, babysitters, factory and fast-food workers, and nursing home aids.
  • Two chambermaids, each with a handful of laundry, stepped from an adjoining hallway.
  • Will they be able to get a job as a hotel chambermaid? Times, Sunday Times
  • She did not look like a chambermaid, but a young lady taking a ride alone in the woods.
  • She worked in a hotel, starting as a chambermaid, but she ended up as receptionist and basically running it.
  • a kind of "scunner" at this poor old hotel of magnificent distances and the lingering, doddering, unwashed old men who acted as chambermaids. A Tramp's Notebook
  • Eventually Joseph falls in love with Fanny, a milkmaid, becomes footman to Sir Thomas and Lady Booby, and, together with Mrs Slipslop the chambermaid, attends them for their season in London.
  • About 20% of its 300 workers are foreign, many of them legal Mexican dishwashers and chambermaids.
  • Gone are the days of chambermaids wearing black smocks, frilly white aprons and lace caps.
  • She revolutionised nursing by transforming what was regarded as the work of a chambermaid or scullion, into an occupation for caring and highly trained women.
  • When the chambermaid returned to take her plate, Lady Anna entered with her.
  • One delight, as long as it is not too early in the morning, is that everybody, from chambermaids to handymen, make their way around the property pedalling a bicycle and singing sweetly.
  • ‘The language skills required by a hotel receptionist will be different to those required by a chambermaid,’ he said.
  • Wilma worked for the Best Western hotel as a chambermaid.
  • Marjorie Campbell plays a sour and surly chambermaid that scores laughs galore.
  • It couldn't be that hard to be a chambermaid in a coaching inn, she decided. Burning Bright
  • The chambermaid shrugged her shoulders with something about a "punition" and, when asked why they were punished, said that some French prisoners had been brought through Lille a week or two before, and "naturally, the people shouted 'Vive la France!' Antwerp to Gallipoli A Year of the War on Many Fronts—and Behind Them
  • He had as well ordered Blair's chambermaids to dress her after she had completed bathing, so that she could have some sustenance other than stale bread and other hard tack eaten on days of leave, but she had yet to emerge into the dining hall.
  • During the theft he comes upon a chambermaid whom he takes hostage, then kills, as his escape attempt goes awry.
  • Controversy erupts between George and Jerry over whether Lupe, the chambermaid at their hotel, should tuck or untuck the sheets on their beds.
  • She works days as a chambermaid at a local hotel and at night lies awake fearing the sound of his tread.
  • In one world she was a chambermaid who lived with Simone in a shabby garret room. LASTING TREASURES
  • She started as a chambermaid at the hotel four years ago, after working at the Elmbank Hotel for 13 years.
  • A receptionist at the Hotel, said one of the hotel chambermaids was opening a window when she saw the car go over the cliff.
  • Many of his chambermaids and servants have been bewitched by his charm.
  • Hairy-chested poseur and Sarkozy foreign-policy adviser Bernard-Henri Levy sneeringly referred to "the chambermaid," brayed about DSK's high standing, and called him "a friend to women. A Week of Shocks but Few Surprises
  • He asked her how she could bear to go off chambermaiding and leave her boys; and chaffingly offered to copy off a series of their fingerprints, reaching up to their twelfth year, for her to remember them by; but she sobered in a moment, wondering if he suspected anything; then she said she believed she didn't want them. Pudd'nhead Wilson
  • There were domestic service agencies all over England who supplied scullery maids, kitchen maids, parlour maids, chambermaids, cooks general, cooks, butlers, housekeepers, nannies and companions.
  • I was a chambermaid in a German hotel on the Baltic Sea.
  • So when she heard a knock on her hotel door she just presumed that it was a chambermaid, she certainly didn't expect to see a strange woman wearing a dark tailored suit and a look of total amazement.
  • _ My "seamster," Maria, has a little girl who she sent me word should be my little chambermaid, and she wished me to name her. Letters from Port Royal Written at the Time of the Civil War (1862-1868)
  • Controversy erupts between George and Jerry over whether Lupe, the chambermaid at their hotel, should tuck or untuck the sheets on their beds.

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