1. basal part of a plant ovule opposite the micropyle; where integument and nucellus are joined
  2. one of two spiral bands of tissue connecting the egg yolk to the enclosing membrane at either end of the shell
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How To Use chalaza In A Sentence

  • The yolk with is attached embryo is suspended in the center of the egg shell by thick spiral fibers of the albumen called chalazae. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]
  • Except at the crease, the endosperm is encased in the testa with its inner and outer cuticular layers and so, from this stage onwards, only the symplastic pathway through the chalazal cells is available.
  • In sections of caryopses, greenish yellow fluorescence was observed in the cell walls of the chalaza and the outer layers of the nucellar projection.
  • The relationship between the timing of these changes in the cytochemistry of the chalazal cells and the timing of the changes in grain water content and grain dry weight which occur during grain development has not been established.
  • No changes in the staining of chalazal cell walls were detected at the end of grain filling.
  • In two ovules there was an odd appearance, as if the outer coat of ovule at the chalaza end (if I understand the ovule) had naturally opened or withered where most of the pollen-tubes seemed to penetrate, which made me at first think this was a widely open foramen. More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2
  • It is, furthermore, the case that the embryo sac itself also exhibits polar organization, with the egg cell and synergids adjacent to the micropyle, while the antipodal cells are found at the opposite chalazal end.
  • But here is an odd thing: they never once enter at (what I suppose to be) the "orifice," but generally at the chalaza ... More Letters of Charles Darwin — Volume 2
  • Note the chalazal vascular bundle that encircles about three-quarters of the seed and the two short side branches that contain phloem only.
  • The stalk is usually longer, the chalazal scar larger and often oval in outline, and the grooves on the back of the pip parallel to each other.
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