How To Use Chairman of the board In A Sentence

  • Mr Constable said later that the provost was traditionally chairman of the board, which was not run along political lines.
  • This Form of application for the amendment should be signed by the chairman of the board or other ones who have right to sigh.
  • Further to the previous market announcements regarding governance measures to be adopted at Transpacific Industries Group Limited ( 'TPI'), TPI today announces that Mr Terry Peabody will step down as Executive Chairman of the Company effective from 30 June 2010 but will continue as Chairman of the Board from that date. Aktuelle Nachrichten
  • She is acting as deputy to the chairman of the board.
  • She is acting as deputy to the chairman of the board.
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  • The chairman of the board said voluntary redundancies were preferable over compulsory redundancies.
  • The Chairman of the Board is also the CEO.
  • Ernie Eves, Founder and Honorary Chair, Justin Eves Foundation and Former Premier of Ontario; David L. Lindsay, President, Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario and Director, The Empire Club of Canada; Philip Orsino, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Masonite International Corporation; The Hon. Why We Must Speak Out
  • Andrea "Andi" Pringle, and his nomination of Robert Mallett as chairman of the Board of Elections and Ethics - both of whom never served long enough to warm their assigned chairs she resigned; his nomination was withdrawn - that there's still some part of the word "vet" that Gray doesn't get. The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - The Washington Post
  • The Graduate Studies Committee is chaired by the Director of Graduate Studies, and consists of the Co-Ordinator and Chairman of the Board afforced by Group Representatives.
  • Mm. Her husband is an unpleasant person, too. Very ambitious. He wants to be the chairman of the board.
  • Williams has been chairman of the board for five years.
  • Smith is the Chairman of the board and Managing Director of Retailer.
  • Chairman of the board Glen Boldy says the liquidator would sell assets - including the theatre in Chapel Street - to pay debts totalling £50,000.
  • In the movie, voices you hear are the stage manager and myself; she's explaining that the guy with the broom is the Festival's chairman of the board. Elora Festival Deluge
  • CEO She is the chairman of the board and the CEO of Xerox Corporation. She is a self-strived lifer.
  • My uncle had a change of heart about weekending with the chairman of the board.
  • We're not replacing our core production in Germany," says Manfred Wittenstein, the chairman of the board and a son of the founder.
  • He experimented with a chairman of the board management style, delegating details to others without surrendering overall control.
  • Rubin, of course, has left Citigroup, but Parson's remains as chairman of the board, which should scare the daylights out of investors and regulators worried that Citigroup might once again implode. Charles Gasparino: Citigroup: Too Big to Manage
  • Don Fisk of Insight Technologies finishes his term as chairman of the board.
  • I had been warned by the chairman of the board, Alan Craig, not to talk to any potential buyers or give any preferential treatment, and I never did.
  • It ousted Mr Stempel as chairman of the board's executive committee which effectively runs the company between monthly board meetings.
  • Don't forget to call the chairman of the board to the meeting!
  • She is acting as deputy to the chairman of the board.
  • The samithi has pointed out the need to appoint a jurist or a civil service officer as chairman of the Board.
  • You've got to be a thoroughbred to do that," said Eamonn Coghlan, the Irish miler who became known as the Chairman of the Boards because of his dominance of the wooden track of the Wanamaker Mile at the Millrose Games here in the 1970s and 1980s. Four Minutes Down Fifth
  • The meeting was closed with a charge by the chairman of the board
  • Williams has been chairman of the board for five years.
  • At 39 she was made chairman of the board.
  • They elect Mr. Ma chairman of the board.
  • Omar Abdullah in his capacity as Chairman of the Board approved renovation of redundant and outdate power project which are considered vital power production units of the State. JK Govt approved 450 MW Baglihar-II,strengthening the Power capability of the State
  • We have a creationist nutcase who ran the board that drew up the criteria for teaching biology (Thank Someone that the lege rejected him when Goodhair tried to appoint him chairman of the board looking into social sciences.), we have a certified group of nutcases trying to do a George Orwell on history, we lead the nation in dropouts, our schools are severely underfunded (except for the football teams) and it goes on and on and on. Think Progress » Gov. Perry Bemoans ‘Federal Takeover’ Of Education, But His State’s Takeover Of Textbooks Is Totally Fine
  • At 39 she was made chairman of the board.
  • We elected him chairman of the board
  • Mark Wright has also been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Pai Tien-chih is actually the Chairman of the Board for the Taipei County Farmers' Association, a powerful institution. Farmers Associations and Rural Politics
  • “I hope the mediation is productive,” said Chairman of the Board of Selectman Adam M. Bond. Heroes or Villains?

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