How To Use Chain saw In A Sentence

  • They do heavy work with power tools, such as gas-powered brush cutters and chain saws, that are too dangerous to put into the hands of elementary-school students.
  • One fall I gutted a bee tree that a neighbor felled. I took a chain saw and ripped into this toppled old tupelo .
  • Young men who simply go where told with chain saw and pulaski, and work as hard as they can? Think Progress » Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) opens fire on firefighters
  • Last year I tied a cord around my grasses to secure it into a huge, vertical bundle, and then my husband took the chain saw and cut them down to about 1 foot high.
  • And the crazy family stuff, complete with a motherly white-haired and gowned Sherri Moon, seems to be an amalgamation of queues from FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, and PSYCHO.! » This Week@The Movies: HALLOWEEN II, BIG FAN, & More! A Quick Look At This Weekend’s Cinematic Offerings!
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  • Speed boats raced through the waves making a pattern of sound similar to a chain saw cutting through tough wood.
  • I like bucksaws better than pruners since for me they seem to cut faster than anything but a real chain saw.
  • Unless, of course, he surprises us skeptics by actually fixing up Sunbeam rather than merely gussying it up for sale -- in which case he might just give chain saws a good name. Here We Go Again
  • The polystyrene foam is often cut into shapes with chain saws and saber saws.
  • Where would we be without weed wackers, chain saws, and electric hedge clippers?
  • First-time jugglers are advised to hold off on the chain saws.
  • Gentlemen, put down your chain saws because a Plastic Logic e-reader is almost here.
  • The people at the MCA, on the other hand, come in to shelter from the weather or when the guys who juggle kittens and chain saws take a break.
  • The chain saws then started like angry bees.
  • These arborists climb high in an ancient oak tree and drag along a chain saw to hack off dead branches, which they let crash to the ground.
  • She watched as loggers felled trees with chain saws, dragging the logs to a nearby river and then floating them to market.
  • The contraption is a cross between a blowtorch ad chain saw.
  • From Ryan Murphy Glee in his garishly gothic psychosexual Nip/Tuck mode of wretched excess, this is so overstuffed and disjointed in its reckless piling on of nasty shocks-for-shock's-sake, it often feels as if it were edited with a Cuisinart on "chain saw" setting. Matt's Guide to Wednesday TV: FX's Horror Story, HBO's Tribute to George Harrison and More
  • Doctors say his symptoms are typical of the hand-arm vibration syndrome seen in industrial settings when people repeatedly use tools such as chain saws and drills.
  • The flaws are there if you are really paying attention, but I bet you’ll be too busy chain sawing the enemy to notice most of them.! » What’s GEARS OF WAR Good For? Kryos Aims To Tell Ya!
  • At 100 decibels, the level produced by a chain saw or pneumatic drill, the allowable exposure is three hours.
  • He had two or three chain saws and even a log splitter hooked up to the back of his tractor.
  • But for handhelds such as blowers, hedge trimmers, and chain saws, the best approach is to avoid storing gas in the machine. Handheld power equipment won’t start? Maybe it’s the ethanol
  • Engineers in the air assault role must be organized to move with infantry and to provide mobility, countermobility, and survivability construction using light equipment (chain saws, handtools), demolitions, natural resources, and ingenuity. FM 90-4 Chapter 2
  • Today there are six and half billion of us with bulldozers and chain saws and nuclear power.
  • When Silicon Valley has it sfiber chain sawed, people are down. Reminder: You Can’t Stockpile Broadband
  • His team used chain saws, disc cutters, picks, shovels and wood to shore up the tunnel before reaching the victim, who had been lying on a bed in a multi-storey building for five days.
  • ‘It's much faster and easier than using chain saws and chippers or large horizontal or tub grinders,’ he says.
  • The violations involved workers under age 18 operating dangerous machinery, including cardboard balers and chain saws.
  • Included in the items taken were a chain saws, hedge trimmers and strimmers.
  • A gigantic oak had been felled by a recent storm & my 10-year-old son & I decided to spend the day together, me chain sawing the oak & splitting the wood, & my son piling it up in the wheelbarrow & hauling it back up to the deck.
  • I agree with Mr. Broussard that the totem pole needs to be chain sawed down, but not the Federal totem pole, but rather the State and Local government totem poles. Think Progress » “One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever”
  • The trees were not trimmed by qualified arborists but by a landscaping outfit armed with chain saws.
  • Then, there are chain saws, power tools, amplified music, traffic, sirens, snowmobiles, wave runners and motorcycles.
  • Improved mechanical delimbing devices, bucksaws, and sawheads have reduced an already limited exposure to manual chain saw felling and delimbing on most mechanized operations.
  • His team used chain saws, disc cutters, picks, shovels and wood to shore up the tunnel before reaching the victim, who had been lying on a bed in a multi-storey building for five days.
  • I carve stone with every tool I can grasp, from hammers and chisels, pneumatic tools, diamond grinders and cutters, even diamond chain saws.
  • Normally he carries the heater, chain saws, a big tool kit, a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, soda, and something for his stomach if the hamburger he eats when he takes a break at gives him a little heartburn.
  • Most chain saws are powered by two-cycle gasoline engines.
  • The eight-member team used a sniffer dog, drills, chain saws and crowbars to pull Tariq free.
  • The sounds of chain saws growled from streets as residents and workers cleared brush and tree limbs from roads and lawns Monday.
  • The push into battery-powered tools is especially notable given the company's long history with gasoline-powered leaf blowers, chain saws and string trimmers, which tend to do well in Consumer Reports tests. Outdoor-gear preview: Are hedge trimmers cutting the cord?
  • Grosvenor used a chain saw to rough up the top face of the work, which is at a tall viewer's eye level.
  • He started with only his hand-saw, wire clippers, and hammer, but soon he brought a pick-axe and chain saw to speed up the process.
  • And it's sometimes destructive, since it requires workers with either chain saws or wheeled, pincer-armed loaders that move through the woods snipping trees as they go.
  • I carve stone with every tool I can grasp, from hammers and chisels, pneumatic tools, diamond grinders and cutters, even diamond chain saws.
  • And if you still have power, watch our video on how to safely use a chain saw, make sure your chain saw is in good working order, and keep these important safety tips in mind: Wear eye and ear protection, gloves, tight-fitting clothing, cut-resistant leg chaps, boots, and a hard hat with a protective face screen .. Who'll stop the rain ... and wind damage

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