cell organelle

  1. a specialized part of a cell; analogous to an organ
    the first organelle to be identified was the nucleus
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How To Use cell organelle In A Sentence

  • Chloroplasts are cell organelles comparable to the mitochondria of animal cells.
  • A second important development has also taken place, with much less media coverage: the genetic engineering of cell organelles, such as chloroplasts and mitochondria. The new weapons of genetic engineering
  • June 23rd, 2006 at 2: 19 am mtDNA is mitochondrial DNA & is distinct from nuclear DNA. mtDNA codes only for the proteins of the mitochondrion, the cell organelle responsible for oxidative phosphorylation, & plays no role in heredity other than this. mtDNA is derived only from the ovum & is used in forensic DNA fingerprinting. kim Says: Zorse – The Zebra Horse Hybrid
  • Mature red blood corpuscles are membrane bound and normally devoid of a nucleus, nucleolus, cell organelles, and inclusions.
  • On the other hand, typically morphological characteristics consistent with autophagy were also observed by punctate distribution of MDC staining and the induction of LC3-II, including extensive autophagic vacuolization and enclosure of cell organelles by these autophagosomes. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • It is demonstrated that gel-immobilized cell organelles reveal features of an excitable medium.
  • Cilia and flagella are cell organelles for motility and are conserved among a variety of eukaryotic organisms.
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