How To Use Ceiba In A Sentence

  • Dick studied the rainforest form of Ceiba pentandra, a species of kapok that grows taller than a 16-story building, its head poking above the forest canopy.
  • Large-scale commercial logging has occurred on and around Marajó Island since the 1950s, all but replacing certain valuable native species: Virola surinamensis, Carapa guianensis, Cedrela odorata, Ceiba pentandra, and Maquira coreaceae. Marajó varzea
  • Just before he falls asleep he remembers a vast expanse of sugar cane, he remembers the still air, the sun beating down on the red earth and far off in the distance a ceiba tree that was haunted by the spirits of murdered slaves.
  • Ceiba is in the Malvaceae, a family that also includes the baobab or boab trees of All Media from ABC Local
  • The tree most often used for these rituals is the ceiba, known as nkunia nsambi, the branch of god (nsambi).
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  • The book is about two taxa: the live oaks that dominate the coastal Louisiana landscape and the ceibas, the signature tree of the Guatemalan lowlands.
  • The diversity of habitat types in the dry forest region includes scrub and desert, deciduous tropical thorn-scrub forest, deciduous ceiba forest, semi-evergreen lowland and premontane tall forest, and intermontane scrub. Biological diversity in Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena
  • Except for two years with the Cuban army in Angola, he has spent his life here, exploring every ceiba tree of the Caribbean's largest wetland.
  • The rusting set of free weights is scattered under a ceiba tree.
  • Yamil Gonzalez @yamilg wrote: hable con mi tia que vive en la ceiba dice que estuvo fuertísimo se asustaron bastante, los adornos y todo eso se cayeron al piso #temblorHN Global Voices in English » Honduras: Strong Earthquake Shakes Country
  • In the upper Assam areas of the ecoregion, the forests are made up of Duabanga-Pterospermum-Terminalia in association with Bombax ceiba, Pterspermum acerifolium, Laportea crenulata, Duabanga sonneratioides, Terminalia myriocarpa, and Calamus tenuis. Lower Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests
  • Cortés then, after having christened the emperor with the name Fernando, ordered that he be hanged from a great ceiba, the sacred tree of the Mayans, in a place near Tabasco. MALINCHE
  • Among the majestic mahoganies and cedars, many over 200 feet tall, stands the giant, sacred ceiba which, according to the Mayan cosmic view stands at the earth's center uniting the universe.
  • Yamil Gonzalez @yamilg wrote: hable con mi tia que vive en la ceiba dice que estuvo fuertísimo se asustaron bastante, los adornos y todo eso se cayeron al piso #temblorHN Global Voices in English » Honduras: Strong Earthquake Shakes Country
  • Our guide leads us through cobwebby jungle, with the unfamiliar howls of animals echoing through the mangrove and roots from centuries old ceiba trees doing their best to prevent us penetrating further into the pitch black woods. Navigating Through Colombia
  • In the city of La Ceiba, protesters demanded no increases in the price of basic foodstuffs, the municipalization of water services and women's rights.
  • The rest of the park has never been cultivated, although there has always been occasional felling of timber trees such as Ceiba petandra and Cedrela. Los Katíos National Park, Colombia
  • About two or three inches from the thick end of the arrow Guapo wrapped lightly around the shaft some strands of the soft silky cotton, which he had procured from the pods of the great "ceiba," or silk-cotton tree, already mentioned. The Forest Exiles The Perils of a Peruvian Family in the Wilds of the Amazon
  • Dispersed in the grasslands are trees of Crecentia cujete, Ceiba pentandra, Lecythis minor, Ochroma pyramidale, Prosopis juliflora, Cavanillesia platanifolia and palms trees of Sabal mauritiiformis, Acrocomia aculeate, Attalea butyracea and several Bactris spp. Sinú Valley dry forests
  • Among the grasses are numerous forbs and scattered trees of Bombax ceiba a dominant of savanna woodland, Dillenia indica in the swamp forest, Careya arborea and Emblica officinalis. Kaziranga National Park, India
  • The investigation and analysis were carded out on the distribution and characters of Bombax ceiba in Hainan Province, and a preliminary classification standard was formed.
  • The sightliest part is the vegetation, glorious ceibas (bombax) used for dug-outs; baobabs, tamarinds which supply cooling fruit and distilled waters; limes and bitter oranges. Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo
  • Along the shore are ceiba and banana and ficus, and bright emerald clusters of sea lettuce (Chlorophyta), water hyacinth, giant mango trees, the fruit tree called poponjoche, and the bright-blossomed national flower, the Sacuanjocheink. Richard Bangs: Nic' of Time
  • Between rows of monuments, including homages to revolutionary scribe José Martí, independence warrior Antonio Maceo Grajales and the Virgin Mary, is an old ceiba tree, sacred to the Santería religion, where you'll find offerings like candy and cow's tongues. Take Monday Off: Cuban Miami
  • The tallest trees that emerge from the canopy include Ceiba pentandra, Terminalia amazonica, Cedrelinga catenaeformis, Carapa guianensis, and Hevea guianensis var. lutea, a type of rubber tree. Solimões-Japurá moist forest
  • The attention of visitors was attracted by the silk (or "ceiba") cotton, installed in the same section. Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission

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