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  • B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell called Fadden's comments "unprecedented and completely unprofessional," adding he had heard nothing of the allegations before Fadden spoke on the CBC on Tuesday night. Top Stories
  • Check out this CBC article about hockey commentator Ron MacLean facing off against Helen Kennedy, executive director of LGBT rights group Egale Canada, over the use of the word "pansification" by commentator Mike Milbury during the 17 January broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada. Ron MacLean, Mike Milbury, "Pansification"
  • CBCThe five-year bans are called "expedited removals. CBC | Top Stories News
  • I suppose even the CBC might pick it up in one of those little jokey bits they do at the end of the news. A BODY SURROUNDED BY WATER
  • Here, there, everywhere ... Henry Moore's Reclining Figure sculpture outside the OCBC Centre, Singapore.
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  • English Canadians (and the CBC English service) call them Quebeckers. Matthew Yglesias » My Long-Awaited Revenge
  • I was just in Nova Scotia for our CBC special on the 11-year-old singer Aselin Debison.
  • (Charkaoui is one of five people, all citzens of Arab countries, who have been held in Canada under a Security Certificate without charge [see the CBC "backgrounder"] The Supreme Court of Canada recently agreed to hear his appeal as to whether the issuance of the Certificate against him meets the requirements of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.) Situational Tags
  • It's not going to pass by an overwhelming margin, and if you listen to CBC Radio, you'll hear the same kind of apoplectic and apocalyptic predictions of fire and brimstone from their collection of right-wing loons (not to be confused with the loonies, which are the one-dollar coins), but most Canadians are pretty mellow about issues that come under the category of live-and-let-live. June 2005
  • Out of This Spark label honcho and show promoter cbc. ca / arts reporter Sarah Liss. CBC Radio 3
  • According to CBC News, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper called the nonbinding agreement "comprehensive and realistic". The Georgia Straight - News And Views
  • Fraser-Moleketi was "heartened" by the unions acceptance of the government's invitation to return to the PSCBC on the wage dispute on Monday. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • GMB, Unison and Unite released a joint statement attacking BCBC Job Evaluation proposals, which they described as "draconian" and "seeking confrontation" with staff. WalesOnline - Home
  • We found that individuals on valproic acid were being routinely monitored for things like liver function or blood levels of the medication, but not necessarily for their complete blood counts [CBCs].
  • The SACBC also called attention to what it described as a groundswell of discontent building up in the coloured community especially in the Western and Northern Cape. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • That bias resides within much of the public, and consequently is reflected in much of the CBC's coverage. Garrison mentality
  • Called billy bob thornton, who could no longer hide behind One Who Knows from Canada writes: s. truszkowski from toronto, Canada writes: billy wants some space from his acting career as he expresses his musical aspirations so it is a fine and good thing his band is often referred to as billy bob thorton and the boxmasters. that the upcoming album from the boxmasters is called 'modbilly' is also some sort of cosmic coincidence and has nothing to do with using fame garnered in hollywood to push a marketing agenda in the music world. further, that an opening band for willie nelson, and not willie himself, would be subject to a relatively high profile interview suggests questionable judgement by the cbc on the basis of something deeper than mediocre music. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • Jonathan M., and "jedi" Galen F. presented a check for $5200 to the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Program (ACBC).
  • These four regions divide the CBC plots into approximately equal samples around easting 45 and northing 21 of the U.K. national grid.
  • While OCBC's interest-earning assets have grown 13% year-to-year, low interest rates have resulted in lower income with the net interest margin falling 0.39 percentage point year-to-year to 2.03%. OCBC Posts 24% Rise in Net Profit
  • Rather than bleeping mere words, the CBC will undertake the ludicrous, Orwellian task of bleeping ideas.
  • Icbc net electronic password and U aegis need cost?
  • Later in the weekend, allegations of a CBC reporter being struck with a nightstick and of police dogs being set loose on protesters also emerged.
  • Turns out television ratings for the CBC's coverage of championship curling have been less than stellar.
  • And banks like OCBC, which already offer Internet banking and are still setting up a separate e-bank, risk cannibalizing their business.
  • One doesn't expect the same level of amateurishness from the CBC. Archive 2006-12-03
  • As of this evening, there are 23,100,000 Google results for "climategate" - and exactly one on-air report from the CBC. Small dead animals
  • These four regions divide the CBC plots into approximately equal samples around easting 45 and northing 21 of the U.K. national grid.
  • [Dr. Mundita] Lim said a team from the Comparative Biogeography and Conservation of Philippine Vertebrates (CBCPV) project conducted an expedition in Mindoro Occidental early last year that led to the discovery of the new fruit bat species, which has been named as the 'Mindoro Stripe-Faced Fruitbat' for its striking facial features and the island on which it was found. Archive 2007-09-01
  • One set of illustrations was used initially in conjunction with a CBC film project; later, additional images were created for a filmstrip.
  • Vanishing Point ran from 1984 to 1986 on the CBC, though it reran under different names after the initial airing until about 1990. Issue 0.034
  • Catholic priests, [CBCP secretary general Hernando Coronel] added, are prohibited from granting absolution for a confessant's sins using text messaging, e-mail or by faxing the absolutions to the confessant.
  • What stuck in my mind, though, and still makes me shake my head, is that the CBC "pixellated" an image of one of the cartoons when they flashed a shot of a Danish newspaper. Ezra Levant: February 2008 Archives
  • So let me get this straight you guys diddled around at Starbucks for an hour, so that by the time we got to Ironcore it was too late to stop him and he took off with the springs anyway, while ICBC tried to bomb him and us out of existence.
  • Charkaoui is one of five people, all citzens of Arab countries, who have been held in Canada under a Security Certificate without charge see the CBC "backgrounder" The Supreme Court of Canada recently agreed to hear his appeal as to whether the issuance of the Certificate against him meets the requirements of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Situational Tags — Slaw
  • Also looking good are This Is Wonderland, a dramedy set in Toronto's lower courts that debuts on CBC Jan. 12, and Paul Gross' Slings and Arrows, a backstage theatre romp whose first season repeats on The Movie Network in February.
  • He still kicks it today, when he's not working as a commentator for CBC television.
  • Bowie then introduces a video from CBC television of footage from Ethiopia, cut to the Cars' song ‘Drive’.
  • Also, kudos to Terry Milewski of the CBC for fantastic reporting of this story.
  • Johnson is best known as the libidinous and litigious Chuck Tchobanian on the hit 1980s CBC - Home Page
  • The series aired on CBC in Canada and on HBO in America; a bowdlerised version appeared later on CBS, and 13 uncut editions found their way across the Atlantic to C4.
  • Canadians ... just might get a Christmas present next week and have the Conservatives turfed, which is exactly what they deserve for their mismanagement of the economy," Thomas Mulcair, deputy leader New Democratic Party (NDP) stated in an interview with the CBC earlier today. Liblogs News Feed
  • It's the best way to get up-to-date info (like last night's Union station flood) be the first news outlet to report mkunruh: @sparkcbc twitter reminds me that I should listen to my favorite shows and makes me feel that I'm part of the CBC community delchoness: @sparkcbc I think twitter can hugely reduce disconnect in an enterprise e.g. IT gets it wrong because it has no idea what mktg is up to. ginamulic: @sparkcbc Hi. Podcast
  • The Blogging Tories are apparently having six fits because a CBC reporter "colluded" with the Liberals by suggesting one or more questions to be asked at a parliamentary committee session. Peace, order and good government, eh?: December 2007 Archives
  • COPD is the medical term used to describe diseased lungs and narrowed airways, a condition that can be fatal, says the CBC, quoting Dr Wan Tan from a report published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Tobacco + pot = health hazards
  • Fifty-three pairs of shoes later, the 56-year-old man can say he's walked through six continents and 64 countries, owning up to the literal meaning of "world traveler, " CBC reports.
  • For the NFB and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Dyer and Viljoen again collaborated on Defence of Canada, a three-part series aired in 1986. Perspective
  • It became clear very quickly that really all this shampoo did was clean your hair and didn't put what they called harmful chemicals back into your hair," Sheldon told CBC Radio's CBC | Top Stories News
  • Hell, the CBC even re-aired the incident unblurred in news coverage, and again, no issue. Matthew Yglesias » Checks and Balances
  • Charkaoui is one of five people, all citzens of Arab countries, who have been held in Canada under a Security Certificate without charge [see the CBC "backgrounder" [3]] The Supreme Court of Canada recently agreed to hear his appeal as to whether the issuance of the Certificate against him meets the requirements of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Slaw » Situational Tags » Print
  • Another bat species from Mindoro is under study by CBCPV team members and is thought to be new to science as well, Lim revealed. Archive 2007-09-01
  • Employed in the mailroom at CBC and called upon once in a while to do part-time stagehand chores, I jumped at the chance to work on Ninety Minutes Live for a week, much of it spent being a gopher for the host.
  • Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), raising questions Oscar Cruz yesterday slammed the Arroyo administration for continuously invoking executive privilege over what he called dubious government contracts, the latest - Articles related to New Treatments Hold Hope for Failing Eyes
  • An interactive CBC map shows another troubled region is in the suburb of Surrey, where Indo-Canadian gangs roam in the mainly ethnic Indian neighbourhoods. 2009 April 07 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • CBC radio announcer Katherine Duncan will emcee the event, which is put on by the the Book Publishers Association and the Writers Guild of Alberta.
  • In this video from CNN, CBC News reports on a feathered foe beleaguering a local postal worker in a Calgary, Canada neighborhood. Hawk Attacks Postal Worker In Canada, Has To Wear Helmet (VIDEO)
  • This fine morning, while I was attempting to find out some prices per ton of sulphite ore, the CBC pushed this column by Heather Mallick (*) at me. Archive 2007-05-01
  • Still vibing off of their CBC Big Break win, Montreal hip hop group Offsides are gearing up for another party at the Vatican this Sunday, July 21.
  • CCTV stands for China Central Television; CBC stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corpration.
  • So far as the Board of Governors of the CBC is concerned, its present policy is not to alienate from the public domain any broadcasting rights in television to privately-owned stations or other profit-making concerns! Television—Progress and Promise
  • That brought a certain sexiness to our Sunday night with CBC. Testing, Testing
  • The President of Carleton University, we remember best as the youthful Chairman of the CBC, but prior to that, Mr. Dunton had studied at McGill and Cambridge while his confrere was attending the University of Montreal and the Sorbonne. The Work of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
  • Tony Burman is one of the CBC's most widely experienced journalists. Privacy and the Media: Two Perspectves - What Does the Public Have a Right to Know
  • What world does the CBC inhabit where happenstance or tragic accident are always already made sense of through the lens of political calculation?
  • In Canada, although not alone, the CBC provides the most slanted and biased information, and routinely practices dishonest reporting.
  • By using the CBCL, TRF, and YSR, observations on the problem behaviors of a specific child can be obtained from different informants.
  • Above, an ICBC branch in Fuzhou city, in sout heast China's Fujian province. Goldman Sells Part of ICBC Stake for $2.25 Billion
  • The CBC, embarrassed once too often by its most popular sports commentator, has muzzled him.
  • One CBC reporter has noted that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff chooses to take the loudest questions during scrums, which is annoying, they say, for those journalists who tend not to yell. Mitchel Raphael
  • And kudos to the CBC for their subheading: "Piddle in wrong puddle". Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09
  • Oversight and risk management improved dramatically at Bank Danamon under the watchful eyes of Singapore's Temasek (which bought a stake, now at 67%, when the bank was denationalized), and at Bank NISP under OCBC Bank of Singapore (which gradually acquired a majority last decade, as the founding family diluted its holding). Can Indonesians Bank on Reform?
  • Presented annually, the awards honour excellence in unpublished work submitted by up-and-coming writers across the country and are presented by CBC and Radio-Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts and Air Canada's enRoute magazine. February 2008
  • Al Jazeera follows a public broadcasting model similar to the BBC, CBC and NPR and is largely funded by the government of Qatar, which Burman said takes a completely hands-off approach to content. Al Jazeera English Blacked Out Across Most Of U.S.

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