How To Use Cavendish In A Sentence

  • By accoutering herself in what others find extravagant and fantastical, Cavendish simultaneously veils and displays a multi-faceted identity to the collective gaze of the public.
  • He began to dislike Shand, because he did snore so loudly, and drank so much bottled ale, and smelt so strongly of cavendish tobacco. John Caldigate
  • Mrs Cavendish is a dear friend of mine.
  • Mrs Cavendish is a dear friend of mine.
  • In 18th-century England, Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, used her extravagant tastes to support the Whig cause against George III, wearing outrageously plumed hats to political rallies. Le Freak, C
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  • Classy, multi-roomed restaurant-club-bar in famous Cavendish Square, set in an elegant Grade II listed building that will have you wishing you were a landed aristo.
  • Labels: kee thuan chye, malaysian authors, malaysian english, marshall cavendish, shirley lim, silverfish posted by bibliobibuli at 11: 16 PM Shirley Shines
  • The brutal indifference of the rejoinder suited his humour, and, with a glance at Vickers, he took a small piece of cavendish from the pocket of his pea – jacket, and gave it to the recaptured convict. For the term of his natural life
  • Quartz fibres have two great advantages over other forms of suspension when employed for any kind of torsion balance, from an ordinary more or less "astatic" galvanometer to the Cavendish apparatus. On Laboratory Arts
  • A 27-tonne bell inscribed with a line from Shakespeare's The Tempest – "Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises" – will form the centrepiece of the ceremony, and Cavendish is one of the main contenders to lead out the British team. Olympics fever will help to make 2012 the year of the bike
  • She dedicated her lavish folio volume, in large print, to her brother-in-law, Sir Charles Cavendish, in gratitude.
  • Although Panama disease is not economically important in the American tropics at the moment, strains of fusaria capable of infecting Cavendish varieties may reach the Americas in the foreseeable future.
  • She was, for example, one of the first to import Gassendi's revival of Epicurean atomism from France into England: unlike her counterparts, Cavendish did not feel the need to purge atomism of suspected atheism.
  • He held five other peerages besides the title of the Duke of Devonshire - Marquess of Hartington, Earl of Devonshire, Earl of Burlington, Lord Cavendish of Hardwick and Lord Cavendish of Keighley.
  • Maybe in certain rare circumstances, such as racing a Smart, I'll wear cycling shorts under regular shorts with bibs un-bibbed in case I need to do a Cavendish chamois victory salute. BSNYC Product Review: Outlier Summer Shorts
  • I once had to present Mark Cavendish with a trophy – a very modest Perspex thing, I should point out – and he told me that he'd once won a cycling race sponsored by a power-tools firm. England's cricketers will get a mace to go with their kingly crown | Emma John
  • Cavendish and her dramatic heroines alternately invite and reject the gaze of the other, of desire, and of the crowd.
  • Cavendish clenched his fists and smiled as he crossed the line a split second in front of runner-up Tyler Farrar of the United States and third-place finisher Romain Feillu of France. Cavendish ices Tour de France stage victory; Cancellara leads
  • A characteristic English Mixture, developed from mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burley 's and Cyprian Latakia, a classic. Mild to medium strength.
  • In England, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, and in France, Marie Paul Lavoisier presided over such salons and made a name for themselves as scientific adepts.
  • Knitting finished and on needles above pictures throw cavendish drying on floor roughly blocked just to stretch a little and won't rehash whyrotten pattern pics not matching finished size ok I did just grumble but what the heck. Knitting finished and on needles
  • The car was driven to Bolton Abbey and was parked in the car park near Cavendish Pavilion.
  • In Cavendish's life and in her plays, lavish confections symbolize the moment of transformation, drawn as a liminal state of existence, a threshold time of freedom and possibility.
  • Mrs Cavendish is a dear friend of mine.
  • Organisers hope for an early "moment" – perhaps a gold for cyclist Mark Cavendish on the first weekend – to catalyse support. London 2012 faces hurdles on the home stretch | Owen Gibson
  • Bruce Cadogan Cavendish pulled forth his iron quoit and seemed to debate whether or not he should brain the other. THE PRINCESS
  • The one hand of Bruce Cadogan Cavendish flashed pocketward and flashed back with the quoit balanced ripe for business. THE PRINCESS
  • He had left his wife, and the mother of his two children, Penelope Chetwode, for Elizabeth Cavendish, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and daughter of the Duke of Devonshire.
  • It appears that they had long contemplated, with philosophical interest, the floating and ascent of clouds in the air, and when they heard of or read Cavendish's theories in regard to _different kinds of air_, it at once struck them that by enclosing some gas lighter than the atmosphere in a bag, a weight might be raised from the earth into the air. Up in the Clouds Balloon Voyages
  • Andy Shleck, Fabian Cancellara and big George Hincapie, all in their National Champions jerseys, Mark Cavendish, leading home the gruppetto, and a half-dozen others. Flipping the Script: Upside Down and Against the Wind
  • I being in such a position in the colony, and considering the fact that Madam Cavendish and Catherine were staunch loyalists, and would have sent all their tobacco to the bottom of the salt sea had the king so ordained, and regarded all disaffection from the royal will as a deadly sin against God and the Church, as well as the throne, and knowing the danger which Mary Cavendish ran, I was in a sore quandary. The Heart's Highway: A Romance of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century
  • Up the aisle she flashed, and none but Mary Cavendish could have made that little journey under the eyes of the governor in his pew and the governor's lady and all the burgesses, and the churchwarden half starting up as if to exercise his authority, and the parson swelling with a vast expanse of sable robes over the Book, with no abashedness and yet no boldness nor unmaidenly forwardness. The Heart's Highway: A Romance of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century
  • Amey, which is carrying out the work, told Barrow Traders 'Association that it will be suspending the work in the Cavendish Street section of the development to make way for Barrow Evening Mail news round-up
  • Prof. Walton's first researches involved theoretical and experimental studies in hydrodynamics and, at the Cavendish Ernest T.S. Walton - Biography
  • Readers who have been positioned as admiring subjects of Cavendish's deific heroines will understand that the author's creations have a great need and desire for triumphal vindication and adoration.
  • There were perfectly cogent reasons why Julian Cavendish should be told of the Major's impending return.
  • Cavendish is appropriating Machiavellian virtu as a female as well as male quality.
  • Come, I'll trate ye to a taste o 'me cavendish, which is better than growlin' in yer hammock at the muskaities, poor things, as don't know no better. The Pirate City An Algerine Tale
  • The "ES" initials of Smythson's powerful patron, Bess of Hardwick, are set into the stonework of the towers like a precursory corporate logo.01246 850430Owner Charles Cavendish was clearly not to be outdone by his mum, Bess of Hardwick see Hardwick Hall. The Renaissance in Britain: examples from the era
  • She was working at Marshall Cavendish partworks at the time, and so unestablished was her career as an author that she simply popped out during the afternoon to attend the prize-giving.
  • The first person to appreciate the meaning of such experiments was the English chemist and physicist Henry Cavendish.
  • The composer Handel lodged in the house for three years towards the end of his life while the scientist Henry Cavendish had a room here during his youth.
  • We first went to Cavendish because I wanted some ciggies but they didn't have any.
  • I haven't done much knitting til I got home but the noro cavendish blanket is almost done, tomorrow should show pictures all being well. Archive 2006-10-01
  • United took a grip of the game and Cavendish went to pieces as they saw the visitors score six goals.
  • How many "nigger heads" we sold that day, singly, for the purpose of allowing the miners to taste our stock before they bought largely, I have no means of knowing; but fortunately for our reputation, Smith had displayed great prudence in his bargains, and his "cavendish" and "fine cut" were at length pronounced the best that were ever brought to The Gold Hunters' Adventures Or, Life in Australia
  • Cavendish was the daughter of the Duke of Devonshire, a cousin of Lord David Cecil, et cetera, and became a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret - the next best thing, perhaps, to Betjeman bagging a royal.
  • Householders on Cavendish Street claim the unsurfaced road is hazardous for both cars and pedestrians.
  • Marriage made her Lady Andrew Cavendish, then Marchioness of Hartington, th en Duchess of Devonshire that ' s all the same husband, and I can ' t blame Americans who find British nomenclature taxing; since her husband died six years ago, she has been the Dowager Duchess. Portrait of a Vanishing World
  • There were perfectly cogent reasons why Julian Cavendish should be told of the Major's impending return.
  • Hobbes and Cavendish shared pessimism about human nature, and an anxiety about ethical and linguistic relativism.
  • Although there are numerous other banana and plantain varieties cultivated for local consumption in Africa and Asia, none has the same worldwide appeal as the Cavendish.
  • Although there are numerous other banana and plantain varieties cultivated for local consumption in Africa and Asia, none has the same worldwide appeal as the Cavendish.
  • Quartz fibres have two great advantages over other forms of suspension when employed for any kind of torsion balance, from an ordinary more or less "astatic" galvanometer to the Cavendish apparatus. On Laboratory Arts
  • A book signing will take place at Reids Bookshop, Cavendish Street, Keighley, on Saturday, December 6, at 3 pm.
  • I am going to go finish the cavendish throw now, maybe pics later/ I will leave you with a picture of some of the old patterns Autumnal mists in abundance and the mog is sorting vintage patterns
  • So the Widow Twankey was sought out, and Betty stood and looked appealingly humble while Etta Cavendish suffered her ribs to be prodded in a good cause, and the Widow agreed to "wash for" Betty at rates that would have brought blushes to the cheeks of a Parisian _blanchisseuse de fin_. The Long Trick
  • My entree: CAVENDISH QUAIL VERMONTQUAIL BREAST WRAPPED in PANCETTA & SLOW ROASTED LEG Pyramid Ravioli with "Bolognese" & Polenta Fonduta Braised Lacinato Kale with Garlic & Aleppo Pepper FlakesToasted Pine Nut & Parmesan Relish, Roasted Quail Jus Tuna Toast
  • Cavendish still feels wronged by that. Times, Sunday Times
  • This in turn led to a visit to the Cavendish detachment of the Mounties. A BODY SURROUNDED BY WATER
  • After tiring of her inactivity, she expressed an interest in becoming president of Cavendish, which is 50 kilometres north of Hamilton.
  • The result on a course which suited Cavendish's strengths as a sprinter was the culmination of three years' planning by British Cycling. Evening Standard - Home
  • Mrs Cavendish is a dear friend of mine.
  • Another familial airplane fatality was that of Kathleen Kick Kennedy, the fourth child of Joe and Rose Kennedy, who moved to England during World War II and married William Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington. Bobby and Jackie
  • The Cavendish Street gallery is showcasing the work of 10 artists, including both well-known painters and non-professionals.
  • The two men who actually built the first accelerator were John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton, graduate students working in the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge under the supervision of Rutherford.
  • It prompted an outpouring of emotion from Cavendish. Times, Sunday Times
  • There were perfectly cogent reasons why Julian Cavendish should be told of the Major's impending return.
  • The threat of closure hangs over Cavendish Square Post Office, which has issued a ‘use it or lose it’ ultimatum to its customers.
  • It was only later that he learned from Jean that Kathleen was engaged to William Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington and the future Duke of Devonshire, a wealthy member of the British aristocracy. Teddy Kennedy
  • Cavendish, a sprint specialist dubbed the Manx Missile, said: "I'm coming into the event off the back of a fantastic Tour de France - the British fans out there were brilliant and their support really helped to spur me on, but you can't beat the support of a home crowd and I'm hoping the fans will turn out at the test event to support me and the team. Evening Standard - Home
  • In 1610 Hobbes went with Cavendish on a European tour and they visited France, Germany, and Italy.
  • It is in this dimension of her drama that I find Cavendish anticipates écriture féminine as advanced by Hélène Cixous.

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