[ UK /kˈæθə‍ʊd/ ]
[ US /ˈkæˌθoʊd/ ]
  1. the positively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current
  2. a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device
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How To Use cathode In A Sentence

  • If, on examination, all is found to be going on well, reimmerse the cathodes, and continue plating till they appear of a dull yellowish brown (this will occur in about four minutes), then remove them, rinse and scratch-brush them, and replace them in the bath. On Laboratory Arts
  • On borehole televiewer logs. An unusual effect produced on the cathode-ray tube display by erratic movement of the tool as it drags along the borehole.
  • Mark was still chattering about the movie scene when all the cathode ray screens went blank. BLACKWATER SOUND
  • The electrons on the anode migrate via a wire to the cathode, the other electrode in the fuel cell, where they are electrochemically assisted to combine with the protons and produce hydrogen gas.
  • Graphical Symbol in full simplified diode, indirectly heated duodiode, indirectly heated or triode, indirectly heated or duotriode with separated cathodes, indirectly heated, heating filament with central tapping, internal screening of the system tetrode pentode, suppressor grid connected with cathode triode - pentode triode - heptode (according to the circuit, the systems may be drawn left-and-right reversed) 1.10. 1. Selected Graphical Symbols of Electrotechnology
  • In solution, the cations move towards the cathode and the anions move to the anode.
  • The only difference between these two cells was that in Lenard's cell the electrons were taken from the cathode by light, whereas on the "3-electrode lamp" the cathode is a white-hot filament capable of sending into the vacuum currents of much higher intensity. Philipp Lenard - Biography
  • This is readily seen by comparing the values of the atomic absorption edges with those of the characteristic wavelengths of anticathodes normally used.
  • An improved cathode-ray tube includes an envelope comprising a faceplate panel, a funnel and a neck.
  • The reduced metal typically forms a metallic alloy on the cathode.
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