1. of or relating to the concept of categories
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How To Use categorial In A Sentence

  • The chairological therefore includes categorial determinations that concern formal temporal relations in and for the factical. Enowning
  • Of course, temporal-parts theorists may urge that this categorial distinction between objects and processes is a superficial and philosophically unjustifiable one, rooted in the idiosyncrasies of everyday grammatical forms.
  • Sellars notoriously concludes that sensory contents can be synoptically integrated into the scientific image only after both they and the currently-fundamental micro-physical particulars of that image as well undergo yet another categorial transposition into a categorially monistic ontology whose fundamental entities are all “absolute processes”. Wilfrid Sellars
  • Statistical relations between the categorial variables were analysed with SPSS software, using analysis or the Cochran Q test for related dichotomous variables.
  • I understand that people want the categorial terms we use to have some reliable meaning i.e., we want language to work, but I dislike this kind of ‘you are not a real X’ argument, especially with respect to political views. The Volokh Conspiracy » Libertarianism and Culture
  • I'm all for constructive criticism and with only a few ex eptions thinks they all categorially suck and perpetuate a criminal status quo. ImpeachBush
  • In Wansing 2007 connexive implication is motivated by introducing a negation connective into Categorial Grammar in order to express negative information about membership in syntactic categories. Connexive Logic
  • Good introductions to the Lambek calculus (also called categorial grammar) can be found in books by Moortgat (1988) and Morrill Substructural Logics
  • Its deficiency lies, however, in failing to recognise that the Universality we encounter in sense-perception has features which go far beyond what is given in the encounters in question, and are sometimes so categorial that no set of such encounters can ever adequately body them forth.
  • But if we think that a categorial term means ‘just what I believe in all details,’ we are making words do more work – in the political theory sphere – than they can/should do. The Volokh Conspiracy » Libertarianism and Culture
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