1. examine through questioning and answering
  2. give religious instructions to
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How To Use catechize In A Sentence

  • The Gospel was written, as is gathered from the prologue (i, 1-4), for the purpose of giving Theophilus (and others like him) increased confidence in the unshakable firmness of the Christian truths in which he had been instructed, or "catechized" -- the latter word being used, according to Harnack, in its technical sense. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy
  • It's our own damn fault when we pastor so badly, catechize so poorly, and expect so little.
  • But he would not try to fill the Court with new, "catechized" justices (a process to which he thought Douglas had been party regarding the Illinois state bench). On Abortion: A Lincolnian Position
  • Historian Anderson, of course, knows of countless cases of harassment of census workers, even dating as far back as 1890, when The New York Times reported about a citizen tired of being "catechized" by a census taker, who "grew more angry … until in a white heat he pitched into the servitor of the Government and threw him bodily out of the house, applying abusive epithets to him and insulting him in a manner that was anything but befitting the dignity of the position of the enumerator. Anti-Census Sentiment
  • Appalled by his indolence, gaming, and iconoclastic opinions, his psychology professor tried to catechize him: ‘Tut, tut, what does Saint Paul say, Mr. Crane?’
  • I assure you I have not been so catechized since I was a baby: he seemed to wish to find himself allied to the Poet, as he was pleased to call you. Letter 156
  • For the rest of her life, Brise did just that, trudging across the untamed frontier to catechize children, build a school and found an order of Franciscan sisters. How The Catholic Church Endorses (Or Ignores) Mystical Visions
  • catechized" every Sabbath afternoon, is illustrative of the usual method of instructing young people of the parish in the Church Religious Life of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century The Faith of Our Fathers
  • He ‘catechizes’ her: ‘Good madonna, why mourn'st thou?’
  • To save Shaw from hell-fire, a friend prevailed on a Roman Catholic priest to catechize the upstart Atheist.
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