How To Use Catchword In A Sentence

  • But these kinds of puritanical, knee-jerk catchwords are too easy, and they obscure a more complicated truth.
  • The catchwords in the headnote say it all really.
  • When one thinks of Micawber always presenting himself in the same situation, moved with the same springs and uttering the same sounds, always confident of something turning up, always crushed and rebounding, always making punch -- and his wife always declaring she will never part from him, always referring to his talents and her family -- when one thinks of the 'catchwords' personified as characters, one is reminded of the frogs whose brains have been taken out for physiological purposes, and whose actions henceforth want the distinctive peculiarity of organic action, that of fluctuating spontaneity. The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete
  • After all "the people of God" is just a misleading "catchword" for Ratzinger. A Tale of Two Cardinals
  • Perhaps it's time someone collected the best catchwords, slogans and political idiom of the 2001 campaign here in Australia.
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  • With ‘prevention better than cure’ becoming the catchword in the case of heart ailments as with other illnesses, tailor-made preventive heart check-ups have become the in-thing.
  • Unusual" isn't a Grammy catchword: in several of the classical categories, the most familiar name won Mitsuko Uchida, Cecelia Bartoli, Jordi Savall or Riccardo Muti, whose convalescence from his recent fall in Chicago may be supported by his winning two Grammys, including Best Classical Album, for the CSO's own release of the Verdi Requiem. Grammys
  • If there are some signs of groupings of sayings according to catchwords or themes, then Thomas would had had a motive for abandoning the order of sayings in the canonical gospels.
  • Again, the earthquake that ensues on the opening of the sixth seal is one of the catchwords, that is, a link connecting chronologically this sixth seal with the sixth trumpet (Re 9: 13; 11: 13): compare also the seventh vial, Re 16: 17, 18. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • But for me there was by 1938 a matching awareness that neither jobs nor peace were won by slogans or by catchwords.
  • Karris acknowledges the author's hortatory use of ‘good deeds’ and the catchword ‘sound’ to shame the opposition and to encourage believers.
  • The term enrichment has become a catchword in the world of captive animal husbandry in the past few years and for many organizations, enrichment has become a new focus as more and more research reveals how critical enrichment is to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of captive animals. News
  • The catchword these days is ‘Waste management’.
  • Biodiversity has become a new catchword for farmers with its promise of healthier ecosystems.
  • Even in 1968, that was a catchword for everything that was superficial, old-fashioned and, well, plastic. Dow Chemical Plastics Payoff Is Baked In
  • The catchword of the new era is market opening - lowering of barriers to trade, abolition of restraints on the movement of capital, the privatization of enterprises the government previously deigned to run.
  • Variety is the catchword at our latest venue, the Beehive Club.
  • The word ‘Christian’ must be more than a catchword or cliché saying!
  • Military slang reflects views on rank, arm of service, race, gender, and hostility, and, through the use of acronyms and catchwords, marks soldiers from civilians and helps distinguish insiders from outsiders.
  • That's the latest catchword being echoed among the builders' community in the State.
  • Sustainability was the catchword of the day along with going local, organic farming and the ever-present mantra, "know your farmer, know your food. William Marler: What Is the "Future of Food" Without Food Safety?
  • Fans were asked to simply say "ditto" - a traditional Limbaugh catchword - to express their support Thursday so they could get on with questions and comments on social and government issues on the national talk show. Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz
  • Instead the catchwords are competition and customers.
  • Terms like ‘professional’, ‘difference’, etc. are the catchwords.
  • Each report includes catchwords and a headnote, which summarises the judgments. Irish Reports & Digests – Irish case law
  • One research study found that most people use only the advertising catchwords on the front of the box “Low Fat!” The Flex Diet
  • Green Olympics, together with hi - tech Olympics and the people's Olympics has a catchword.
  • ‘Digital’ has morphed into a catchword for all that's hip and online, it seems.
  • Variety will be the catchword at the new venue, with acts ranging from stand-up comedy to poetry readings.
  • ‘Culture’ has become a modern catchword for studies of identity, and has replaced terms like ‘ethnicity’ and ‘race.’
  • If contextualization was a catchword in theological circles of the 1970s, globalization became a new emphasis in the 1980s.
  • Why is community development now a catchword among resource companies in Indonesia, and yet is so little understood by international corporate management?
  • The purpose of the doubly pointed obelus is plainly indicated here, as it accompanies two of these catchwords. A Sixth-Century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny the Younger A Study of Six Leaves of an Uncial Manuscript Preserved in the Pierpont Morgan Library New York
  • Variety will be the catchword at the new venue, with acts ranging from stand-up comedy to poetry readings.
  • The catchword seems to be organic, which explains the plan for a house that grows over time; starting out as a two-bed semi it will evolve into an arcology able to house an entire town by the 22nd century.
  • Her resignation speach contained many catchwords, but they were not used in context and were just strung together in phrases to make it sound like she was saying something important. Rove: Palin's resignation lacks clear strategy
  • Globalisation has become the catchword of the age; but the debate about it has been sunk in confusion.
  • He is keen to stress the astonishing flavour that can be captured in a preserving jar, together with a sense of time and place, of ‘seasonality’, which is the latest catchword to hijack the nation's kitchens.
  • ‘Accountability’ is a very popular catchword within health services fields.
  • This happens more often with elderly people; and it was on such an occasion that I heard a catchword fiend, a moderately young person, use her pet phrase as a red lantern to stop better, if more halting, talk. Conversation What to Say and How to Say it
  • Exhibit 2 contains, at least in Coward's translation, an eye-catching phrase, one that's become a catchword for a certain type of literature. The Bodice Ripped: Or a comparison of Two Translations of No Tomorrow
  • Let any one recall the catchwords, styled watchwords, of politics during the last ten or twenty years, and he will see how men are to be convinced. Woman and Womanhood A Search for Principles
  • (Soundbite of laughter) Ms. SHAH: And I would say that before women's liberation became the catchword, she was a liberated female long ago. Asha Bhosle: The Voice Of Bollywood And More
  • And in these days he saw too clearly how those same intellectuals -- with catchwords, meaningless to nine-tenths of her people -- were breaking down, stone by stone, their mighty safeguard of Far to Seek A Romance of England and India
  • ‘Be aggressive’, seems to be the catchword in the marketing and promotion of a film these days.
  • Just a bunch of talking-point catchwords designed to put fear and negativity into the public mind. Gingrich to sign Contract from America
  • The catchwords "reform" and "progress" are not mere tricks which they use; the really believe them. ... Bizarre
  • “Consultation is not a catchword, it is a commitment.” Value Driven | ATTACKERMAN

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