How To Use Catafalque In A Sentence

  • he asked the Father when he'd got to the other side of the catafalque. COLDHEART CANYON
  • But the King, in robes of purple and black, came to assist her from her palfrey before the beautiful entry of the Abbey Church, and led her up the nave to the desks prepared around what was then termed 'a herce, 'but which would now be called a catafalque, an erection supposed to contain the body, and adorned with the lozenges of the arms of Scotland and Beaufort, and of the Stewart, in honour of the Black Knight of Lorn. Two Penniless Princesses
  • A catafalque is of course what is used for the absolution of the dead without a body present. Reader Question: Constructing the Catafalque
  • Dignitaries placed wreaths before a catafalque party, taking position with veterans on a parade which formed a tangible reminder of the thousands of Anzacs and police officers who have worn the blue beret in the past half century.
  • He lay as though upon a catafalque in the dimly lit room, while memories came to pay their respects. SACRAMENT
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  • The name herse was then applied to the draped catafalque or platform upon which the candles stood and the coffin rested, not as now the word hearse to a carriage for the conveyance of the dead. Customs and Fashions in Old New England
  • Propped up at one end by a broken-off marble Ionian capital is a long, slanting wooden board, suggesting a collapsed catafalque.
  • It forms, in the middle of the circular nave of the church, a kind of catafalque of white marble: the cupola of cedar, in falling, might have crushed it, but could not have set it on fire. Memoirs To Illustrate The History Of My Time Volume 1
  • At the beginning of the Mass, the casket was carried into the Oratory and placed on the catafalque, which is a raised platform used to support the casket. Clerical Whispers
  • Over the weekend his body lay in state in a silver mounted coffin on a catafalque in front of the Speaker's platform.
  • Eight pall bearers from the Irish Guards lifted it from the gun-carriage and carried it slowly to the catafalque.
  • That was all, a massive bed, upon which my father's wife lay like a body on a catafalque. GALILEE
  • And here's a word that many of us are only today beginning to understand what it means, it's a catafalque, which is a platform. CNN Transcript Jun 9, 2004
  • It was 11.15 am when the bearer party, their faces strained in concentration, came into the crisp, morning sunlight having lifted the coffin from the catafalque in the great Westminster Hall where it had rested since Friday.
  • By 10 am even the candles surrounding the catafalque were no longer lit but the silence was broken every so often by the whir and click of cameras taking the last photographs of the lying-in-state.
  • By last night, almost 50,000 people were expected to have filed past the catafalque.
  • The coffin will be placed on a catafalque of rough pine boards, nailed together and covered with black cloth, which was first used for Abraham Lincoln's funeral.
  • There is something in the air that silences everybody, even small children, as they pass either side of the catafalque, occasionally glancing upwards at the four statues of Saxon kings and the 12 th century roof.
  • But even the media were taken by surprise. They did not arrange for a million people to turn out for the funeral; and even the most enthusiastic monarchists could not predict the endless queues that waited to pass by the catafalque.
  • The catafalque party stood vigil without spectators to honour those who fell during the battle for El Alamein and the airmen and sailors who lie where they fell with no marker.
  • They were driven back by police and soldiers, and the coffin was taken in and placed on a towering catafalque.
  • But if you go to the Capitol today, you will see the room where Washington was to have been buried, and that's where they store the catafalque, which is used in national mourning. Patriarch: George Washington and the New American Nation
  • Cloaked in Braemar purple felt, surrounded by five large candles and guarded at each corner by an officer of the Household Cavalry in full dress uniform, the catafalque was yesterday afternoon an arresting sight.
  • The title, McMillen explains, "... is both metaphoric and a bit literal," as the installation includes a looped screening of his new short film "Quotidian Man" which projected onto the billboard of the "Hotel New Empire," a kind of tilting film set raised on a catafalque of stilts over a tray of water. John Seed: Michael C. McMillen: Every Dream Is New
  • Catafalque, derived from the Italian word catafalco, literally means The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux
  • Why did so many people, including children, queue patiently for hours, to witness Beefeaters and Gentlemen-at-Arms, with reversed halberds, guarding a catafalque in Westminster Hall?
  • No monument or tablet, so far as I could learn, has ever been erected to the memory of those who perished in these two great disasters; but a catafalque is dressed, and candles are lighted, and a solemn commemorative mass for the souls of the lost and dead is performed in the church at Alleghe on the 21st of May in every year. Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys
  • The coffin will be placed on a catafalque of rough pine boards, nailed together and covered with black cloth, which was first used for Abraham Lincoln's funeral.
  • The bearer party lifts the coffin from the catafalque in Westminster Hall and carries it to the gun carriage outside the North Door.
  • The Queen had already arrived and came to join the procession as it was borne inside to the waiting catafalque and to the start of the lying-in-state.
  • It felt good to rise to motion after the long hours inside Niigata's stupefying catafalque. FLOATING CITY
  • So far as I can see then, the catafalque is simply constructed of a bier (a raised rectangular wooden box or metal stand of dimensions that would hold an adult sized coffin) which is then covered by the black pall, or the same, further with a type of symbolic coffin further placed upon it, similarly covered. Reader Question: Constructing the Catafalque
  • The cadet contingent also provided a guard at the Cenotaph for Tuesday's remembrance service and the catafalque party demonstrated a memorable and solemn performance.

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