[ US /ˈkæʒəwəɫ, ˈkæʒwəɫ/ ]
[ UK /kˈæʒuːə‍l/ ]
  1. hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
    a passing glance
    perfunctory courtesy
    a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws
    In his paper, he showed a very superficial understanding of psychoanalytic theory
  2. occurring on a temporary or irregular basis
    an occasional worker
    casual employment
    a casual correspondence with a former teacher
  3. without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand
    information collected by casual methods and in their spare time
    a casual remark
  4. not showing effort or strain
    careless grace
    a difficult feat performed with casual mastery
  5. characterized by a feeling of irresponsibility
    a broken back is nothing to be casual about; it is no fooling matter
  6. natural and unstudied
    using their Christian names in a casual way
    lectured in a free-and-easy style
  7. occurring or appearing or singled out by chance
    a chance occurrence
    a casual meeting
    seek help from casual passers-by
  8. appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions
    casual clothes
    everyday clothes
  9. marked by blithe unconcern
    was polite in a teasing nonchalant manner
    an utterly insouciant financial policy
    an elegantly insouciant manner
    showed a casual disregard for cold weather
    drove his car with nonchalant abandon
    an ability to interest casual students
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How To Use casual In A Sentence

  • His casual reaction, "you're overreacting," "these things happen, right?" suggests they've gone through this before, with presumably the more recent procedure she discussed with her gyno. Samantha Zalaznick: Mad Men Recap: Help!
  • Some find it repugnant, others see them as casualties in an undeclared war that is greatly preferable to the alternative of full-scale conflict. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's all slouchy, casual clothes in light and bright colours. Times, Sunday Times
  • In present-day usage, despite Fowler's strictures, concern for classical and linguistic purity is minimal and the coining of etymological hybrids is casual and massive.
  • Sure enough, he found her there, looking at the posted casualty reports along with many others, searching the alphabetized lists of KIAs and WIAs.
  • The youth he rescued, known only as a Mr Thorpe, was treated in the casualty department at Middlesbrough General.
  • He made some casual remark about her holiday.
  • This has purely been a casual meeting in the street.
  • They were so beautifully typeset, and their tone was just captivating — alternately casual and buffer-overflowingly technical. Copy What You Like
  • Those who were less keen to compete for migrants could resort to convicts as casual labour.
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