[ US /ˈkæstəˌɡeɪt/ ]
[ UK /kˈɑːstɪɡˌe‍ɪt/ ]
  1. censure severely
    She chastised him for his insensitive remarks
  2. inflict severe punishment on
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How To Use castigate In A Sentence

  • I am appalled that one so - called authority could castigate thousands of successful, worthwhile programs.
  • Joining the women who have stepped forward to be ordained as Roman Catholic Women Priests and been summarily castigated and excommunicated, the latest victim of the Church's strong-armed resistance to any effort toward women's equality in the Church is internationally beloved and regarded Father Roy Bourgeois. Angela Bonavoglia: At Easter, Church Expels Women's Advocate, Keeps Pedophiles In The Fold
  • Those who castigate Pétain for his willingness to give up the struggle — for the sake of what he rather mystically termed "the continued existence of eternal France" — should recognize that the issue he confronted is the most difficult one imaginable for people in power to face (indeed, it's one with which no U.S. statesman has ever been forced to struggle), and that the "right" stance, even the heroic one, is highly contextual. War Without End
  • Douglas Hay and Norma Landau's examination of the legal system of eighteenth-century England leads them neither to adulate nor castigate; rather they appear to chide.
  • He castigates prize judges for giving the top awards to books for reason extrinsic to literature.
  • When you hear these folks, it doesn't matter what side of the debate they're on who are willing to kind of castigate somebody who may have a good idea, stand up and let them have it. CNN Transcript May 18, 2001
  • You should not castigate Lara Logan because she s an attractive blonde female reporter. Shannon Galpin: What's Blonde Got to Do With It?
  • Sarah ColborneDirector, Palestine Solidarity Campaign• Carmel Gould, editor of Just Journalism, described in your article as "an independent research organisation", castigated critics of Israel for imbalance in Middle Eastern reporting. Letters: Shocking account of Mavi Marmara assault
  • And as I glimpsed the generic fioricet that castigated of the writhing of fioricet on line beneath, I reflected a non-institutionalized chill from afar out whither the condor had flown, as if my flesh had caught a horror before my brand name fioricet had seen it. Think Progress » Scott McClellan’s Daily Press Fleecing
  • Cassie could castigate Sophie in a letter left on the dining-room table for all to read. THE IMAGE OF LAURA
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