How To Use Carthusian In A Sentence

  • Tomorrow, I'm "preaching with my hands", or at least conversing with them, at the RevGalBlogPals Monday book discussion: on the DVD Into Great Silence (filmed inside a Carthusian charterhouse) and the book An Infinity of Little Hours (a chronicle of five novices who try the Carthusian life in the 1960s). Preaching with your hands
  • Tell him how our father-prior of the Carthusian is going on, in order that I may be able to write to him about our affairs. The Letters of St. Teresa
  • Each of these small paintings portrays a Calvary scene with a kneeling Carthusian, recognizable by his white full-length scapular, fitted with a cowl.
  • The island takes its name from the Carthusians who followed: Certosa is Italian for "charterhouse," a monastery built by the Carthusian order. Sailors' Venetian Retreat
  • The Benedictines (who, like the Carthusians, are now popularly associated with a high-quality liqueur based on distilled wine) thus owned extensive vineyards.
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  • Generally speaking, this was the only time the brethren met, for what most marked the Carthusians apart was that they lived not communally but in isolation, each in his own cell.
  • Alas! on one occasion Knighton was skilful enough to smash a chemist's blue bottle with an apple, ” and on another I am aware that an oil lamp in Carthusian Street succumbed to my only too-true cockshy: My Life as an Author
  • Three Old Carthusians have won the Victoria Cross.
  • In September, the Nelson Chan Property Trust bought Carthusian Court, a 31,031-square-foot development, for £11.65 million from the Chamber of Shipping. Rail Work Puts London on Track for Property Gains
  • Someone poured several shots of green Chartreuse, a French liqueur made by Carthusian Monks since the 1740s. Audarshia Townsend: Lushing Out With LUPEC
  • Sister Margaret, commonly called the Carthusian nun, was the name of the singular woman who was chosen to be my teacher. Margery — Volume 01
  • Margaret of Oingt was a nobly born French Carthusian nun.
  • Into Great Silence 2005- In this intimate doc, we get a never-before-seen glimpse of the daily lives and rituals of the Grande Chartreuse, an 11th-century monastery inhabited by modern-day Carthusian monks, whose vows of silence and poverty guide them to states of profound inner holiness. John Farr: Getting Religion: The Ten Best Films on Faith
  • He took the cross again in 1307 and was a notable benefactor to the Franciscans and Carthusians of his homeland.
  • In Carthusian houses the individual cells occupied by members of the community open from the cloister walk.
  • The one account I began reading caused me to reflect on the proper candidate for Carthusian eremetic life, as well as for other forms of contemplative life. Archive 2006-10-22
  • The Chartreuse de Champmol was founded for twenty-four monks and a prior, which was twice the usual number in a typical Carthusian foundation.
  • Bearing branches of yew in their hands, as the readiest substitute for palm boughs, they marched respectively to the Dominican and Carthusian convents, to hear High Mass, and, by a show at least of devotion, to prepare themselves for the bloody strife of the day. The Fair Maid of Perth
  • This led to a reciprocal trip by members of Kendal Choral Society to Voiron, in Southern France, in 2004, an area well known for Chartreuse, the liqueur originally created by the Carthusian Monks.
  • Carthusian," and afterwards re-published in Murray's "Reading for the The plant-lore & garden-craft of Shakespeare
  • And so it should be, as it is the closest you can get to the original version of the elixir as created by those Carthusian monks in 1605, and it is almost 60 percent alcohol by volume.
  • Petrobrusian heresy in his diocese and became a Carthusian; Bl. Bernard (1173-76); St. Stephen (1203-8), formerly a Carthusian at the monastery of Portes; Bl. Didier (Desiderius) de Lans (1213-20). The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Tournely-Zwirner

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