How To Use Cart off In A Sentence

  • Please cart off the mountains of rubbish.
  • Brognar Blackstrap, the band goes ashore to check out the island and see what riches they can cart off.
  • The causes are something a historian can study and document: the colonial period where long-standing social orders were overturned to serve colonial interests, and not-so-deep-seated animosities between the two main ethnic groups were exacerbated; the hatred of Tutsis that Hutu regimes inculcated even deeper into peasants for years so that most of these poor people at one point actually began to believe Tutsis were devil-like beings with tails and that killing them was their duty; teaming masses of impoverished urban Hutus (of the kind a Marxist would call the lumpen proletariat) murdering their Tutsi neighbors so they would cart off their property and rape their women (just like peasants murdering their neighbor to take his piece of land), and so endlessly on. AllAfrica News: Latest
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