How To Use Carpetbagger In A Sentence

  • Still, local Republicans have to ask themselves an uncomfortable question: What if a carpetbagger is the best candidate to defeat Reid? Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines
  • The carpetbaggers who streamed into the South for political and economic gain aggravated the wounds which the war had opened.
  • Neither did Twitchell fit the carpetbagger mold cast by historian William Dunning and his followers nearly a century ago, which held that these men were ‘archetypical villains, lowbred northern adventurers who descended like vultures on the conquered South’.
  • Thousands of carpetbaggers have invested in the building society, hoping that it will become a public company.
  • One problem for the American claim, is the term carpetbagger, means something else entirely, while in Australia it means only one thing, a steak stuffed with oysters. Archive 2008-02-01
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  • As far as he's concerned, anyone participating in them is a carpetbagger, an allusion to exiled politicians whom he expects to be the regime's most prominent figures.
  • I mean, she is sort of his insurance against being called a carpetbagger, because she really is one. CNN Transcript - Larry King Live: Is Hillary Clinton Leaving the President Without a First Lady? - January 6, 2000
  • After all, these people could not be portrayed as carpetbaggers or outside agitators.
  • Well - that isn't democracy, but rule by local busybodies, tribal chiefs and jacks-in-office, plus a scattering of carpetbaggers recently returned from exile and supported by our bayonets.
  • Still others maintain that he's a "carpetbagger" -- that he wanted to come to New York just to pick up a championship ring. News & Politics
  • after the Civil War the carpetbaggers from the north tried to take over the south
  • We have had our share of itinerant carpetbaggers who had dubious magistrate credentials.
  • A convincing vote in favour of mutual status would have deterred future carpetbaggers.
  • The carpetbaggers have given no business reason to demutualise.
  • He had come to Washington, not as a common carpetbagger, but a man well known and, in financial circles, respected. THE AMBASSADOR'S WOMEN
  • In fact, he moved to Boston from Arlington a couple years ago, spurring whispers of carpetbaggery. Weekly Dig - Humor, News + Nightlife
  • A candidate in Kansas may score points by accusing his opponent of being a carpetbagger.
  • Neither Royal Liver nor any of the other friendly societies has taken any action so far to deter carpetbaggers.
  • I had always been convinced that previous building society carpetbaggers were being paid for their work.
  • They say that they are not accepting members now because there are carpetbaggers coming in to get their share of the spoils.
  • She praises the grit of her adopted city, barely raising the ire of the critics who had once lambasted her as a carpetbagger, using New York as a stepping stone to her likely bid for higher office.
  • Obviously, the banks and the financiers and the carpetbaggers and everyone else in the money market sees this as a great financial bonanza potentially and it is.
  • If there was any deception it was the way the highly organised carpetbaggers manipulated these polls to influence the outcome.
  • He would have crushed carpetbagger (muncher) Hillary had he run against her when she first won the seat due to misguided NY voters who put her there out of sympathy for her husband's affair. gypsydaveywithablowtorch Poll: Giuliani on top in possible 2010 Senate showdown
  • I don't know what a carpetbagger is, but it didn't sound right. THE AMBASSADOR'S WOMEN
  • Chickens of carpetbaggery let loose upon the South were coming home to roost at the Marse Henry, Complete An Autobiography
  • This nation was founded on glorious greed, boundless carpetbaggery, corrupt cartels and an oligarchy of rich men whose "countrymen" were other rich men. Home Page
  • But the whiff of being a "carpetbagger" - an insulting term for candidates with no local connections who are parachuted into winnable seats - persists. BBC News - Home
  • Serious carpetbaggers with money to invest long-term may decide that they can play the waiting game.
  • The recent fight with carpetbaggers cost policyholders several million pounds.
  • He looked to some like a carpetbagger who knew nothing about the constituency - and he was not a Catholic, as many in the local party are.
  • One issue that no one talked about was that the rightie was a carpetbagger as well as a tea bag*er. Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • But as an unknown to many of his would be constituents, he was branded a carpetbagger and a wealthy outsider.
  • The bad news for carpetbaggers is that Liverpool Victoria changed its membership criteria in June.
  • ‘The paper did itself a lot of damage when it lined up behind the carpetbaggers who were trying to demutualise the building society,’ says one financier, anxious not to be named.
  • Chickens of carpetbaggery let loose upon the South were coming home to roost at the North. Marse Henry : an autobiography,
  • He'll undoubtedly be called a carpetbagger, but New Yorkers don't ultimately care about that (cf. Robert Kennedy, Hillary Clinton). NY Post: News
  • Her little gay house elf finally finished decorating the place, from old century mid modern carpetbaggery to new century mid chic decor for the 90's woman. Gawker
  • Recruit rich white republicunts (carpetbaggers) to swoop in and scoop-up "devalued" (seized from still-exiled owners) properties and change the entire complexion (race, income, politics, everyfuckingthing) of the ENTIRE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AREA. Your Right Hand Thief
  • The management team may face further demutualisation attempts by carpetbaggers, given that the company's constitution currently allows for a valid resolution to convert from only 50 members.
  • Carpetbaggers were besieging offices and harassing staff.
  • Yet such a huge amount of cash will ensure the company remains a target for carpetbaggers, with policyholders potentially benefiting from ever-larger windfalls were the Edinburgh-based insurer to float.
  • Company executives could take heart from the success of another firm at repelling a raid from carpetbaggers after members last week turned down windfalls to support the management.
  • January 14th, 2010 at 12: 37 pm spearNmagicHelmet says: the teabaggers got sandbagged by carpetbaggers. Think Progress » Right-wing publications receive exclusive credentials to cover the Tea Party Convention.
  • That's why they are now calling carpetbagger Dan Seals "DAN DEALS"! DCCC Ad About Mark Kirk
  • I can't help feeling she's something of a carpetbagger, even if she is lieutenant governor. IN A STRANGE CITY
  • As a former New Yorker, I hate the fact that this carpetbagger is one of our two senators!!!!! Florida delegates file lawsuit to get delegation seated
  • What struck me most in conversations with several dozen volunteers, carpetbaggers and locals alike, was the almost uniform answer they gave when I asked if they had ever worked on a national political campaign: No.
  • If they really did not care at all, why did they bother to bring in a big-name carpetbagger to run in Ryan's place? Obama Spokesman: No Candidate Has Been More Scrutinized By Media Than Obama Has
  • There are a lot of carpetbaggers and scam-artists operating in southern Africa and by telephone from offshore bases.

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