How To Use Carioca In A Sentence

  • The tree is typically Carioca in its brashness and audacity, but despite the city's fondness for it, Rio is not famed for its yuletide.
  • If you've seen pictures of Carnival, chances are they were taken at these neighborhood camps known as "samba schools" during the parades where cariocas somehow manage to simultaneously wear extravagant costumes while staying relatively naked. The Full Feed from
  • My mother's a Carioca and my father was a diplomat with the American consulate. ALASTAIR MCLEAN'S 'NIGHT WATCH'
  • Its roughly 7 million people call themselves cariocas and have an argot all their own.
  • One carioca friend of mine said, "Whatever they can do wrong, they will. Chris McGowan: Carnaval in Rio: How to Have Fun and Not Get Mugged
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  • One is a nordestino or a mineiro (native of the state of Minas Gerais) or a carioca (native of the city of Rio de Janeiro).
  • These include the terrific Rio and Sao Paulo leagues known as the Carioca and Paulista, plus notable leagues of Minas Gerais, Parana, Gaucho/Rio - Competition guide: Latin America
  • If you don't naturally know how to drive with the carioca flow, you're at high risk for an accident. Chris McGowan: Carnaval in Rio: How to Have Fun and Not Get Mugged
  • If I dress in casual but clean and well-maintained clothes, appropriate to the local middle class, with ‘normal’, close cropped hair, I'm hardly noticed in a carioca crowd.
  • Many cariocas, as the residents of Rio de Janeiro are called, make a point of getting out of town long before things get started.
  • Elsewhere, athletic ‘cariocas’ (natives of Rio) play endless games of beach-volleyball, using all parts of their bodies to keep the ball from slamming into the powdery sand.
  • The first of these, Missoni, has chosen a look somewhere between hippy and carioca which features a never-before-seen fake fur needlepoint fabric.
  • Its roughly 7 million people call themselves cariocas and have an argot all their own.
  • I visited Rio once, and costinha comes across as the classic "carioca". Home
  • This carioca (someone born in Rio de Janeiro) guy really represents the best we have in Brazil.
  • MIDI keybord tic tic tac joão brasil fruta fruit natural stop motion carioca wafer guettotech Do bem™ - Açaí Juice 100% fruit (Tic Tic Tac Wafer's Keyboard) on Vimeo
  • Several months ago, my Portuguese friend, Mikas, clued me into a new Brazilian joint called Carioca, that opened on 3rd & Clement St in the Richmond. One strong caipirinha to wash it down
  • And Petrobras may have more potentially massive oil discoveries in three fields near Tupi, called Carioca, Guara and Bem-te-Vi. Petrobras's Major Oil Find Puts
  • One reason for not including Rio was a desire to avoid the obvious, so I was very pleased with this twitter note from Cecilia Nobre (who IS carioca) – the key expression in brackets at the end (‘and without stereotypes, wow!’) Ten reasons why I love Brazil (and no mention of football!*) « Ken Wilson's Blog
  • You're familiar with that, you know how Orson Welles upon arriving in Rio excited the local cultured, worldly cariocas [inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, trans].
  • With the discovery of this subsalt layer, called Carioca or Sugar Loaf, and of the other extraordinary reserves already identified, the exploratory risk has practically ended, and as Petrobras 'president Sergio Gabrielli has remarked, it has become a prized ticket. New Oil in Brazil Unleashes a Gusher of Media Controversies
  • The Rio gallery A Gentil Carioca is showing a flag sewn from £ 5 and £ 10 notes by Lourival Cuquinha, which was auctioned off for £ 17,000. Overloading at Frieze
  • Ms. Gilberto also was joined by her friend and fellow carioca a Rio resident, the rapper Marcelo D2, who matched her smooth, romantic lyrics with his rapid-fire staccato in a combustible finale. Gilberto Updates the Family Recipe
  • Not that I'm comparing myself to such a grand personage, but there is in Brazilians, especially the cariocas, a great thirst for exotic phenomena which are linked to ‘outside’ mythologies.
  • A trip to Rio will also give you a glimpse of the happy lifestyle of the carioca-the people of Rio-who are known for their big hearts and friendliness.
  • Are you all sure there is no connection between Rio de Janiero and Cariocan? The Volokh Conspiracy » Names for Inhabitants:
  • Visually different from most of its contemporaries, and totally different from every other Volvo car, the Volvo PV36, perhaps better known as the Carioca, is an exciting chapter in the Volvo history. The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines
  • If this had been a Spanish or a Cariocan mother and daughter how easy it would have been! The Judge
  • However, if you take some simple precautions you can greatly reduce the odds of being mugged or getting mowed down by a carioca motorist, and feel almost as safe that's a big "almost" as you would in New York or Paris. Chris McGowan: Carnaval in Rio: How to Have Fun and Not Get Mugged
  • True Cariocas will insist on a smoked ear or trotter, but the flavor will still be true without those ingredients. The Feijoada From Ipanema

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