[ UK /kˈe‍ələs/ ]
[ US /ˈkɛɹɫəs/ ]
  1. (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration
    careless of the consequences
    crushing the blooms with regardless tread
  2. effortless and unstudied
    an impression of careless elegance
    danced with careless grace
  3. marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful
    forgotten by some careless person
    a careless housekeeper
    it was a careless mistake
    careless proofreading
    careless about her clothes
    hurt by a careless remark
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How To Use careless In A Sentence

  • Lateness and carelessness are subjects for complaint.
  • It was more than that, of course, but she liked the careless sound of the alliteration. FLIGHT LESSONS
  • Not that he is preening: he is careless about his blond good looks, a scruffy hipster beard giving maturity to his rather angelic face. Times, Sunday Times
  • Mr Vermes, who was close to that research effort, finds good reason to criticise it for slowness and carelessness—but no ground to assert a conspiracy.
  • Engine immobilisers and sophisticated locks leave many careless owners carless.
  • careless grace
  • Despite being very comfortable by Zambian standards, he is a man who does not spend his money carelessly and he is on a salary just like his wife and his workers.
  • And she, warm with what Dick had just told of him, pleasured at the goodly sight of him, dwelling with her eyes on the light, high poise of head, the careless, sun-sanded hair, and the lightness, almost debonaireness, of his carriage despite his weight of body and breadth of shoulders. CHAPTER XXIII
  • ‘Rock gardens should look untended and exude a careless beauty’, he says.
  • Or else our future generations are certainly going to pay the price for our careless, negligent and easygoing approach to the whole issue.
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