How To Use Card table In A Sentence

  • Stern-faced caryatids with gilded wings support card tables, above legs carved as muscular lions' paws; gilded acanthus leaves curl around the pillars of center tables and sideboards. Furniture for a Young Nation
  • A group of soundmen from different stations had started a poker game on a foldaway card table. Alienated
  • Soon a fan the size of a card table is pulling the bad air out the street door.
  • Marber may or may not be a poker player, but he understands that the competitiveness and stoicism of the card table opens up manifold opportunities for exploring the male psyche.
  • The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.
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  • There were five tables, each slightly larger than a card table. SUMMER OF SECRETS
  • You just told me you felt alive for the first time at a fucking card table.
  • Year round, it was always just airish enough to keep the reptile population in her lean-to down to a bare minimum, and with the deck chairs she had sitting around her card table, it was easy not even to take notice of them, so to speak. DEFILEMENT OUTSIDE OF HEAVEN, TWO MILES
  • He swung the hedge trimmer on a plane as even as a card table. RUNNING FROM THE LAW
  • Old movie stars stared out over a leatherette couch, a television, a rack of videocassettes, a card table with a few chairs.
  •   She cleared the card table, poured out the palinka, and when she had finished, she washed what dishes there were. The Paprika Ewer
  • She felt a warm glow spread throughout her insides as she looked around the small card table her parents had set up in the family den.
  • With my heavy equipment bag slung over my shoulder, I registered myself at the foldout card table near the entrance and after writing my name, the elderly woman distributing the makeshift badges looked up from my signature with her mouth in a little shocked O. Welcome to My World
  • Caldwell also made and signed a fine card table with reeded bulbous legs, another example of the elegant local work that occupied pride of place in Maine interiors.
  • At the right is a mahogany card table, also New York City, about 1820 to 1825, the satinwood veneered ovolo corners of which place it outside the ordinary.
  • Card tables covered with computer manuals, cell phone booklets and how-to guides compete for space on the sidewalk.
  • The room was brightly lit, dealers sat at the card tables and the wheel of fortune turned.
  • The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.
  • A stocky blond man is slowly dealing himself a hand of solitaire on a card table in the living room.
  • A low card table with a green felt inlay, deck of dog-eared cards, the suits faded and fingered to nothingness. Where's Me Dinner Woman?
  • As a Yale student, I can assure you that this "shantytown" was nothing more than a three-man tent and a card table. Mail Call
  • No less refined and elegant is a rosewood card table (Pl. V) made by Charles Honore Lannuier of New York City.
  • The card table had already been discreetly folded away, and the three warehousemen were occupying themselves by giving the floor a sweep. THE SCHEME FOR FULL EMPLOYMENT
  • Below it, a mid-nineteenth-century parian group, The Three Graces, stands on an extremely fine mahogany and curly satinwood card table.
  • Carruso or whatever be his name residing at La Ferté Macé, Garibaldi was in the habit of expressing himself -- chiefly at the card table, be it said -- in a curious language which might have been mistaken for French. The Enormous Room
  • i was already planning to buy the pink votives along with the smaller blue ones for the escort card table & each guests 'table!! love love cudge!! they have the best prices anywhere. trust me, i've looked!! fyi to any other bees located in ny / nyc area you can go to their warehouse to pick up your order if you'd like to save on shipping!! Weddingbee
  • A pack of cards appeared and, before anybody could protest, my father's folding card table with the green baize top had been set up.
  • The kaiser and the kaiserin, with the bridal pair, seat themselves at a card table under a canopy of gold brocade, adorned with the imperial arms. The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe
  • From his customers he cadged two lamps, two chairs, a mattress, and a card table. Alba
  • The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.
  • The important thing is the fun of four people(one thin person included)sitting around a card table, working a jigsaw puzzle.
  • The overturning of card tables or the snapping in two of billiard cues are signs that the loser has a very low self-esteem. Why Am I Afraid to be Assertive?
  • They were seated at a card table Mrs. Madrigal had hauled up from the basement. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS
  • It turns out they actually live like that: their jobs are building barns and churning butter and having little card tables at farmer's markets.
  • Does it mean there is no shortage of card tables, as we all feared?
  • There was a card table in the centre of the smoke-filled room with five chairs positioned around it. THE DEVIL'S DOOR
  • The man moved off and Adam stepped through a further doorway and followed him through a maze of green baize covered card tables.
  • Removing two other birds - an olivaceous warbler and a yellow-vented bulbul - from the 30-foot-long net, he heads for his base of operations: a folding card table in the middle of a weedy lot.
  • The Sheraton card table between the windows is inlaid with rectangular birch panels and was made in Boston about 1805.
  • There was still a large sitting or recreational room where there once were card tables used for board games, dominos, card games or a game none of us had ever heard of before, something called mah-jongg. The Runaways
  • Brent Bozell is a busted valise, and the PTC is a card table, but the report has already been covered, and taken seriously, by ABC News, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Daily News. Chris Kelly: TV Is Smutty, but the Parents Television Council Is a Disgrace
  • The missing antique furniture includes a Georgian card table and a Georgian tea table.
  • A particularly well carved card table with a central lion's mask and fluent acanthus decoration fetched 281,690 [pounds sterling] at Bonhams on 23 November 2004.
  • Here a pair of 1850 card tables are for sale at up to Pounds 10,000 and a Louis XVI-style suite, £5,000.
  • With stage shutters open to reveal a large drawing-room extending upstage, the partygoers are grouped around different card tables and involved in their card games.
  • The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.
  • On a card table in the corner was a large restaurant-style coffee urn, and cups, saucers.
  • Card tables were set up, a good supper was enjoyed and plenty of gossip ensued.
  • She cleared the card table, poured out the palinka, and when she had finished, she washed what dishes there were. The Paprika Ewer
  • Old movie stars stared out over a leatherette couch, a television, a rack of videocassettes, a card table with a few chairs.
  • Their occasional evenings at the card table with the Youngs were one of John's few outside pleasures.
  • Or leaning over the green baize card table, watching while she and Isolde played vingt-et-un. Sepulchre
  • In front of the fireplace sat a round card table, covered by a green cloth, and flanked by four plush, green leather upholstered wingback chairs.
  • We did what we do in Minnesota, which is sit around a card table and play cards and drink wine.
  • As they drive on, the gunner trains his scope's cross on a still breathing but disemboweled donkey lying in the rubble, and an old man in a burnoose sitting impassively at an outdoor card table, across from a player whose brains are dripping out of his bowed head. Nina Burleigh: Israel and Iran Trump Michael Moore at Venice
  • I have seen him, at the card table, con enormous sums out of experienced game sharks.
  • Along the right wall were two card tables pushed together, covered with white paper cloths for serving refreshments.
  • Gruff, inhospitable, and monolingual, the Russians sprawl in folding chairs, kibitz around card tables, smoke in defiance of ‘no smoking ‘signs, and studiously ignore customers who stray past their booths.

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