[ US /ˈkɑɹd/ ]
[ UK /kˈɑːd/ ]
  1. one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes
    he collected cards and traded them with the other boys
  2. a list of dishes available at a restaurant
    the menu was in French
  3. a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
    a poster advertised the coming attractions
  4. a rectangular piece of stiff paper used to send messages (may have printed greetings or pictures)
    they sent us a card from Miami
  5. a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities
  6. thin cardboard, usually rectangular
  7. a witty amusing person who makes jokes
  8. (baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat
    the managers presented their cards to the umpire at home plate
  9. a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited
  10. a card certifying the identity of the bearer
    he had to show his card to get in
  11. (golf) a record of scores (as in golf)
    you have to turn in your card to get a handicap
  1. ask someone for identification to determine whether he or she is old enough to consume liquor
    I was carded when I tried to buy a beer!
  2. separate the fibers of
    tease wool
    tease wool
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How To Use card In A Sentence

  • There are only a couple of days left in Graeme's Fantasy Book Review's Giveaway for one of three copies of Orson Scott Card's new release, Hidden Empire. Book Contest Links ... more than a few
  • The man played idly with a deck of cards, shuffling and re-shuffling with a bit of a smirk on his face.
  • Have you got any ID? A driving licence or cheque card will do.
  • Enlarged heart, medically called cardiomegaly, is not a disease, but a symptom of another condition.
  • I've circulated a good luck card for everyone to sign.
  • Many people striving to get through the next fortnight of seemingly ceaseless spending may be tempted to spread the cost with a zero per cent credit card. Times, Sunday Times
  • So the girl was out of bondage, but Cadwaladr, sick with humiliation and rage, must come under guard to be handed over for a price to the brother who discarded and misprized him. His Disposition
  • Thanks to her doctor’s recommendations she finds herself feeling decafargic by noon. cardiacpopups – the messages that popup on your computer when you are in the middle of an important project and warn you that your computer is about to conk out. on 07 Sep 2007 at 5: 52 pm Kimberly defurrify – to remove pet hair/dander from a person or thing on 07 Sep 2007 at 6: 12 pm Heather Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Writer Unboxed’s CONTEST, CONTEST!
  • She suffered a cardiac arrest caused by a blocked heart artery. The Sun
  • Then there were the curling sessions, saunas, card games and his hobby of star-gazing. The Sun
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