How To Use Carbon copy In A Sentence

  • It has the plastic seperator for carbon copy checks.
  • To her annoyance Holly pushed the carbon copy on to Rain's desk and went away with the other.
  • She is a carbon copy of her sister.
  • In the days before xerox machines, a carbon copy was the best way of replicating a piece of writing.
  • But the site is a carbon copy of the original - set up by sophisticated criminal gangs often based in eastern Europe.
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  • It was a carbon copy of an attack 18 months ago.
  • The robbery is a carbon copy of one that took place last year.
  • The robbery is a carbon copy of one that took place last year.
  • The print on some of the photostat and carbon copy sheets has faded and these items are particularly flimsy.
  • Please keep the original contract and give the carbon copy back to me.
  • Mozer is a carbon copy of Jane Pryce: same policies, same ideas.
  • She's a carbon copy of her mother.
  • Backup tapes, paper files copied for storage offsite, or temporary workspaces - known as ‘hot sites,’ with a carbon copy of the destroyed network - are all options.
  • Would you like a carbon copy of the tally sheets for Hatch No.3?
  • The new Bernard's is not a carbon copy of the original.
  • In a squall she heeled over; water rushed in through the gunports of the top-heavy hull and, in a carbon copy of the Mary Rose disaster a century earlier in the Channel, the pride and joy of the royal fleet went down like a stone.
  • I make a carbon copy of my documents.
  • There was a doghouse built as a miniature carbon copy in the side yard, and Emily saw a black lab huddled inside of it.
  • History suggests that colleges of cardinals appointed by one pope do not elect a carbon copy as his successor.
  • With Mitchell finding some long touches, Pocklington extended their lead with a carbon copy second for Pears from another close range line-out, Mitchell again converting.
  • She's a carbon copy of her sister.
  • She is a carbon copy of her sister.
  • Volkswagen Passat CCVolkswagen Passat CC, the first four-door coupe from the German manufacturer received the "red dot Design Award 2009 - Best of the Best", which represents one of the most coveted awards that a designer can win for a creative product. okay SO WHY DIDNT MERCEDES GET IT BEING THAT THIS IS A CARBON COPY CLS WITH A VW ENGINE IN IT. News
  • Sending e-mail with a carbon copy to the whole project team is temptingly easy, but beware of its overuse.
  • Martin emitted a long, low whistle of incredulity, then proceeded to resurrect and read a carbon copy of "The Palmist. Chapter 29
  • Some of the dream pool levels, or planes, are a carbon copy of the real world.
  • Simplest way to defrag is to use Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper!, or Disk Utility and put a bootable backup onto another HD and then reverse the process. Discussions: Message List - root
  • The same punch was to determine the following bout when Ali Funeka produced a carbon copy performance of his stablemate Vetyeka, blowing away Dumisani Mofu in the fourth round of their junior lightweight scrap.
  • That particular trip was more or less a carbon copy of the previous one.
  • That is to say, a facsimile, a carbon copy, a wisp of a ghost of a shadow of a bagel.
  • All day long, she had been dealing with the clones, the carbon copy popular masses.
  • He was as near as dammit to being a stylistic carbon copy of Hell.
  • I pick my jaw up off the floor and muster my reply, which I hope is a carbon copy of his quiet smile.
  • The full frame video is a carbon copy of years past, with adequate and average colors, definition, and detail.
  • The best & fastest way of defragging: clone your system disk to another drive using diskutility/restore or 'Carbon Copy Cloner'. Clean Up And Revive Your Bloated, Sluggish Mac | Lifehacker Australia
  • You keep the top carbon copy the receipt and we have the carbon copy.
  • Please send your proposal with a carbon copy.
  • She's a carbon copy of her mother.
  • She's a carbon copy of her sister.
  • Always use the "bcc" (blind carbon copy) field for listing all the e-mail addresses. IOL Technology

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