How To Use Capitalistic In A Sentence

  • In which case methinks we should utilize this peculiar soothsaying ability for more capitalistic means than mere survival.
  • Bush is hated and riveled by many for his conservative and capitalistic ways. Stories / Popular
  • After appearing of capitalistic production relation, the contradiction of both sides had been inevitable between capitalism and feudalization .
  • How is a capitalistic system to function in a brainpower era when brainpower can not be owned?
  • capitalistic methods and incentives
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  • Ultimately, those in favor of entrepreneurialism and its capitalistic payoffs should also be in favor of the requests of the Occupiers--we all want to build something new. Matt Hooper: Occupying Until We Get Occupations: a Millennial Entrepreneur's Take on the Protests
  • But to an intelligent worker such sermons sound like capitalistic propaganda, upon which he is constantly being fed by every labor-exploiting concern in the country, and quite naturally he tries to avoid getting an extra dose of the same kind of buncombe on Sunday .... The Necessity of Atheism
  • George Soros made most of his money in capitalistic economies. Did Christianity cause the recession? « Dating Jesus
  • In his footnote to The Philosophy of Modern Music, which Rosen comments upon, Adorno establishes a relationship — problematic, it has to be admitted — between the supposed "premodern" and "precapitalistic" character of Russian society and some "traits" of a presumed "pre" - subjectivism ‚ in the work of Mussorgsky and Dostoevsky (Adorno admired both). Adoring Adorno
  • A giant threat to the system is being disposed of, systematically and without remorse, making of America and its citizens yet one more cog in the engine called capitalistic exploitation of humanity. The Dumbing Down of America
  • Is this evidence, at bottom, of an irresolvable clash between capitalistic materialism and religious, other-worldly values?
  • Free Enterprise I describe as the capitalistic or profit and loss system operating with only those restrictions necessary to protect the public welfare. Free Enterprise
  • About eve online: doesn't the fact that, in the pure free market economy, the most efficient alliance/corp are the most 'dirigist' (?) one just state that the most efficient capitalistic economy are the least democratic one (or at least that the two are uncorrelated)? Fifty days and worlds apart
  • Germany romance poems, which had characteristic theological trend, was the result of the new capitalistic chain.
  • As we and before we go back to you at the CNN Center, Danielle Ortega, the president of Nicaragua is addressing the U.N. right now, really lambasting what he calls imperialistic and capitalistic oppression of victims in parts of the world according to him, that suffer from big corporations and those who are only in it for big profits. CNN Transcript Sep 25, 2007
  • There is a small section of society that shuns the capitalistic ways of their fellow man.
  • That is why this era is called the capitalistic era. Manhood of Humanity.
  • I focus here more on the acidic ones because as a black man invested in progressive antisexist, antiracist, anti-capitalistic models of empower, I don't see how these gendered attacks against Nas and young urban black men help us initiate the kinds of substantive dialogue about hyper-black masculinity and culturally sanctioned violence against black women that we advocate. NewBlackMan
  • Both propositions are correct, but they do not cast blame upon the capitalistic system of social cooperation.
  • (Possibly events of the past year or two mark the beginning of the waning of the powers of monopolists, and of the partial transfer of those powers to a capitalistic middle class; but exploitation of _the working class_ continues under such new masters no less vigorously than before.) Socialism As It Is A Survey of The World-Wide Revolutionary Movement
  • In its excessiveness, such behavior may seem maladaptive, given the modern, capitalistic attitude that espouses minimum effort for maximum return on investment.
  • This kind of system associates capitalistic criteria with social criteria, which will be in conflict.
  • We do not believe that there is anything essentially the matter with what is called our capitalistic system or our labor union system except men -- the men who think they belong in the front ranks of capital and the front ranks of labor. The Ghost in the White House Some suggestions as to how a hundred million people (who are supposed in a vague, helpless way to haunt the white house) can mak
  • Of course, it needed prosperity in capitalistic Europe and America to do that, because the more prosperous capitalistic Europe and America are, the more money Russia could borrow, the more machinery she could get, the better exchange of exports in terms of machinery, money and personnel, and in 25 years this great machine would have been created which would have been the Nemesis of Western capitalism. The World Crisis and the Outlook
  • He had written a paper proposing a “new” kind of capitalism that was little more than the same old disproved Keynesian, government spending model couched in capitalistic language. Textbook Omissions, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • I am a firm believer in capitalistic competition as a driver for innovation (which is why I hate the oil companies SO SO much, dirty price setting oligarchs!) and the RPG market should be no different. So What Is A “Fair” Price For A Gaming PDF? « Geek Related
  • Regarding the myth that "corporativism" represented rule by corporations: "The programme of the Fascists, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anti-capitalistic," wrote Ludwig von Mises. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • In the US, however, the European pastoral ideal, rooted in Virgil's bucolic visions of an unchanging Arcadia of shepherds and shepherdesses, has been transmuted by the capitalistic impetus.
  • How is a capitalistic system to function in a brainpower era when brainpower can not be owned?
  • Meanwhile, our cultures offer us beguiling stories, from traditional religions to capitalistic orthodoxies, that assure our centricity.
  • Perhaps the incredibly corrupt, capitalistic American evangelical churches which are usually congregationalist and loosely connected, if at all, to national churches have brought on this reputation, along with the Catholic church. An atheist defends theists: part two: do unto others
  • I can remember that it was necessary to struggle very hard against that centralistic spirit, a bit capitalistic. CASTRO SPEECH AT MONCADA ANNIVERSARY CEREMONY
  • It dealt, in elaborate detail, with one factor in the persistence of the established, namely, the capitalistic bias of the universities and common schools. Chapter 6: Adumbrations
  • This count comes under the head of what may be called capitalistic sabotage. An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation
  • Colonial Hong Kong blossomed into an economic powerhouse: a capitalistic colony fueled by international investment and global banking.
  • In modern society, even amongst the so-called capitalistic countries, nationalisation of certain industries and commercial undertakings has become an accepted and established fact. A REPLY BY ALBERT LUTHULI TO MR. JORDAN K. NGUBANE�S ATTACKS ON THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, JUNE 5, 1956
  • This money would re-enter into circulation as financial institutions invest it in other capitalistic ventures.
  • If we want Linux to be the Trojan Horse of collectivism in this overly capitalistic and individualistic society, we have to fight the right battle with the right set of arguments.
  • Therefore an EML1 station with RLL owned and operated by a capitalistic "entrepot" nation would allow all of the above players to achieve lunar access without the need to develop their own lunar lander. Dennis Wingo - Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch
  • The wealth of entrepreneurs and capitalists is, whatever the anticapitalistic demagogues may fable, so much inferior to that of kings and princes that they cannot indulge in such luxurious construction.
  • I would argue that while profits remain the centerpiece of Capitalistic processes, financial and speculative profits today reign supreme.
  • Whether Labor or the State as the autocrat is preferable to existing capitalistic control, beholden as it is, in some measure at least, to both Labor and the State, is something to which conditions in Europe at the present time afford an all-sufficient answer. The Four Parties to Industry
  • Meanwhile, our cultures offer us beguiling stories, from traditional religions to capitalistic orthodoxies, that assure our centricity.
  • The inherent abusiveness of our capitalistic, unloving, unaccepting society revisits itself in the family, producing narcissistically wounded individuals.
  • capitalistic exploitation of the working class
  • With the environmental cap & trade, and the health care bill fiasco, it appears the adm. is trying to take our country down the drain, and into a 'noncapitalistic' society. Trippi: GOP trying to turn Obama into another Jimmy Carter
  • Is this evidence, at bottom, of an irresolvable clash between capitalistic materialism and religious, other-worldly values?
  • Nathan reports that no-one saw them after they'd dispersed into the crowd to distribute the Committee's broadside condemning Reverend Owings's capitalistic dogma.

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