How To Use Canned goods In A Sentence

  • It is your fault I put my canned goods in alphabetical order.
  • We are receiving no canned goods from Bulgaria at this time or many other things such as sundries and nicknacks. `Highlights' of 7th ANPP Assembly
  • Occasionally, I was tasked with cleaning the room and re-inventorying the canned goods.
  • In rural areas, grocers dispatched so-called huckster wagons to the country to sell canned goods and prepared foods, and customers were dependent on when these wagons arrived and what they carried. News
  • People bring everything from milk to canned goods to toilet paper.
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  • Hope for Haiti president JoAnne Kuehner said the group needs food such as MRE's (disaster ready meals) or freeze dried meals, but not canned goods. Stories
  • As someone who tends to overplan and prepare I still have a stash of canned goods from the Y2K panic, this seemed like a no-brainer to me. Docs weigh in on private cord-blood banking
  • Will it be possible for me to see Mr. Wu, manager of the canned goods department?
  • Fights erupted outside supermarkets as shoppers battled for parking spaces in desperate efforts to stock up with canned goods.
  • As someone who tends to overplan and prepare (I still have a stash of canned goods from the Y2K panic), this seemed like a no-brainer to me. Docs weigh in on private cord-blood banking
  • A refrigerated truck pulls up outside the customer's home to deliver the produce, meat, breads, canned goods, frozen food and supplies that were ordered.
  • She made it a point to rearrange donated canned goods in the outer vestibule to insure that Jimmy's heard her enter.
  • Buy organic dry and canned goods such as pasta sauce, baked beans and tinned tomatoes when they are s t a while. The Sun
  • I picture Same and the ‘Brave’ occupying the same unfinished basement: cement flaking and the old forgotten canned goods oozing from the seams. dbadass has proven himself, time and again. Think Progress » Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera criticizes Bret Baier’s Obama interview.
  • The Philadelphia rests in an upright position with cases of canned goods, bucksaws, hardware and coal lying in the cargo holds.
  • If you are short on cabinet space but have plenty of wall space, try using an old bureau to store canned goods, towels or extra dishes and cookware.
  • Blanche was known to get water from a nearby dairy where she shopped - mainly for canned goods, candles and fuel for her little primus stove that she cooked on.
  • He took all the canned goods available in our food pantry and devised meals that tasted delicious. Christianity Today
  • Homemade jellies, pies and canned goods earned her ribbons at the county fair.

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