How To Use Canard In A Sentence

  • As for the ‘spare capacity’ argument, this is another old canard.
  • The free will canard is not a show stopper for research. Aiguy's Computer
  • The conservative talk jocks have been purveying this canard to explain their monopoly of the spectrum.
  • Fifty year ago in my Wasp family a canard was a children's treat, a lump of sugar dipped in an after dinner demitasse. Canard - French Word-A-Day
  • These are age-old canards that undermine freedom and encourage authoritarian states.
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  • It is a hoary canard - long-practiced intelligence disinformation - that naming these persons places their life in jeopardy.
  • Each included a laser seeker, guidance unit, control canards bolted to the bomb's nose, and enlarged tail fins bolted to the rear.
  • Mon-Sat noon-3pm & 7pm-12: 30am Tel: 01 40 22 09 09 www. Clotilde Dusoulier Le Petit Pascal's cuisse de canard, or duck thigh. In Paris, Mastering the Art of
  • Dembski justifies his Scriptura sub scientia approach by raising the tired old canard about geocentrism.
  • It is a craven, disingenuous, and destructive canard, antithetical to interracial harmony and black excellence - and racist besides.
  • Where he ventures to substantiate his canard (if canards can at all be substantiated), he falls flat on his face.
  • Blog Guy, are you ever going to get over the fact that the word "canard" is duck in French, but a false rumor in English? Reuters: Press Release
  • Brief, chatty and digestible, the book should refute the old canard that economics is dismal.
  • Tim Blair has a wonderful dissection of the old canard about how offensive things are good because they ‘make you think’.
  • I would quibble, however, with the old canard that the Romans never invented anything - it is always those much cleverer Greeks who got there first.
  • The "anti-Semite" canard is by now old, tired and discredited, but that won't stop certain commentators on the Right from pulling it out of the dumpster and waving it in the air when it suits them. Archive 2009-01-01
  • There are rumours and slanders canarding about her romantic deeds.
  • It reminds me of the old canard, ‘If you're such a skeptic, why aren't you skeptical about skepticism?’
  • If anything proves the old canard that most psychiatrists are crazier than their patients, it is the egregious Finch.
  • The J-10 has a rectangle belly air intake, with low-mounted delta wings, a pair of front canard wings, a large vertical fin, and two under fuselage fins.
  • Besides, he added, This thing about the books being antireligion is a bit of a canard. How Hollywood Saved God
  • Though phosphorus is used as a concealment weapon, that is a canard, because it is so dangerous that it cannot be used for local concealment because it would kill our troops if the wind shifted. Think Progress » Pentagon officials last week
  • As I mentioned before, I could not get the model to turn in a reasonable circle with the canard jibs alone, either in a glide or under electric power.
  • He finds the author to be engaged in ‘blatant historical revisionism,’ recycling canards and misleading his readers.
  • Thomas, Al, the “disinvite” canard is disingenuous - Blair House has over 100 rooms and amenities like salons and florists on site. Matthew Yglesias » The Howard Gambit
  • A particularly delicious terrine de foie de canard frais had barely been touched. MAMBO
  • There's some tweaking of both feminist and male chauvinist canards in the new sketch, which degenerates quickly into a session of gripes and accusations, the women playing absurdist versions of themselves. Tom Shales reviews tonight's retrospecial,'The Women of "Saturday Night Live"'
  • For starters, he explains, the wide head acts ‘like a canard,’ providing lift and making the shark a more agile swimmer.
  • The canard tipped and the pilot skilfully dived us back into the field for a perfect emergency landing.
  • And please spare me the condescending canard about "culture war mode" and seeing things in simplistic "left/right" mode. Hungering for some shallow analysis of Pope Benedict XVI?
  • It reminds me a lot of that hamburger-flipper-as-manufacturing-job canard from a couple of years ago. Questions About Blogging, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • We realized the missile wasn't going anywhere, but the canards and the seeker head began to move.
  • Another derivative on the drawing board would put a guidance computer on the tail of the round along with steering canards on the nose.
  • Small canards on the nose and a T-tail add stability.
  • As for the old canard that Europe's bloodiest wars were the wars of religion, no serious student of the carnage of the twentieth century can credit that.
  • North American built the Hound Dog with a canard, a delta wing configuration, an underslung J52 engine, and a self-contained inertial autonavigational guidance system.
  • Then how does it behove a government bound by the Constitution and laws to spread such lies and canards day in and day out about the educational institutions of the country's largest religious minority?
  • The reduction of opposing viewpoints via ad hominem attacks, or by what essentially is a canard, says much more about the "reducer" than the "reducee. Daily News-Record
  • The Lockheed Martin GMLRS rocket has a GPS (global positioning system) and inertial guidance package and small canards on the rocket nose to enhance accuracy.
  • The initial findings lay to rest a few canards.
  • The Opposition raised the canard that some sort of register is required under the council tax.
  • If Qwack [Duck [ 'Doc'] Hunt] or his chick-a-dees would ever read the damn thing they would know that this repeal [now defunding HCR] canard is just that – another canard. Think Progress » FLASHBACK: Heritage Touted RomneyCare, Key Elements Of Health Reform Heritage Now Opposes
  • When the cover story appeared, it was merely the usual canards, claimimg among other things that ID is not testable, which is clearly not true. Britain's New Scientist drops the ball on intelligent design?
  • The canards, spring-opening tailfin assembly, telemetry package, roll bearing, missile skin sections, and wiring harnesses were designed and fabricated by the same company.
  • An imaginary canary, the catman has—or it could be an imaginary canard. Love of Irish Women
  • It was a Z - 42 alright, with the same canards on the nose giving it the ‘Hammerhead’ profile that it was famous for.
  • En plus comme j'ai ete le seul canardé dans la riviere canadienne ... Pinku-tk Diary Entry
  • However, the human rights canard is typically used for political reasons in a very different way. The Volokh Conspiracy » Iran and the Shortcomings of International Human Rights Law
  • I was lamenting the current, miniscule McCain, a man who would take a passing -- and deeply irrelevant -- acquaintanceship between Barack Obama and Ayers, and try to make it a central issue in this absolutely crucial campaign, with the accompanying canard from the Embarracuda that Obama had "palled around" with terrorists. Ideologues in Extremis - Swampland -
  • Furthermore, Polanyi continues the old anti-capitalist canard that the Industrial Revolution was made possible by the enclosure movement, which supposedly drove sturdy yeomen off their lands, and into the cities.
  • Hence the second canard that was first assiduously pushed by HRW, which introduced the term internment camps to describe the centres in which civilians who escape from the LTTE into Government controlled territory are kept. Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka (MOD)
  • Telling the New Zealand public that Maori have unlimited tangi leave is a canard.
  • At high angles of attack, first the canard came into stall, which caused the aircraft to pitch down its nose and decrease the angle before the main wing came into stall.
  • However, having disposed of a few canards, he weakens his own case by his willingness to advance the best possible interpretation of Nelson's actions on almost every occasion.
  • He put about the familiar canard that her design was unbuildable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Foie gras du canard and little spicy sweet peppers filled with herby cheese and drenched in olive oil were her choice of appetizers.
  • And it's an old canard, but it's true: in most elections, most people don't vote.
  • Tan seems not to realize that this old canard about the Inuit having 32 different words for snow, or whatever the number, is pure myth.
  • Last night, she again dodged a question about Social Security solvency and began a canard about tax cuts instead. Sound Politics: Post Debate and Beyond
  • Au lieu de discuter, l'employée du restaurant aurait du faire le canard! French Word-A-Day:
  • Everything that you can eat or drink here is from the same little terroir - the gutsy Cahors wine, the tender magret de canard with pommes sarladaises, even our old friends the boudins aux chataignes.
  • For example, the head and fins ahead of the center of mass, like canards, can create large torques, when small errors in their attitudes can rapidly destabilize swimming trajectories.
  • The "anti-Semite" canard is by now old, tired and discredited, but that won't stop certain commentators on the Right from pulling it out of the dumpster and waving it in the air when it suits them. Archive 2009-01-01
  • The all-moving and small-area trapezoidal canards are connected to the leading-edge root extensions.
  • The old canard that lack of religion leads directly to nihilism is as cheap and insulting as my remarks above. THE HALLS OF PENTHEUS -- PART FOUR
  • Instead he labeled those who raised the questions as purveyors of "blood libel accusations," i.e., to be saying something equivalent in its dastardliness to reviving the medieval canard that Jews used the blood of Christians to bake their matzoth at Passover. Dissent & Israel: An Exchange
  • Just realised the link I gave you for "The vilain petit canard" (Andersen) is ONLY a text (it's in French and you can print it if you want) ... Canard - French Word-A-Day
  • My mother, who came of age during WWII when times were tough, would talk about "boire un canard" which ment placing a lump of sugar in some wine or eau de vie as a desesrt or to warm up "quand il faisait un froid de canard quand le Mistral souflait" Sante/Cheers! Canard - French Word-A-Day
  • It's been a half-hour since I ordered fries! elle pouvait faire le canard = she might shut her beak! l'équipe (f) = (lunch) crew Canard - French Word-A-Day
  • There are indeed problems in graphic design education, and one of them is the lack of emphasis on basic writing and research skills, but the old canard about illiterate designers simply perpetuates an incorrect stereotype.
  • To reduce the wing trim drag, the fuselage was fitted with lateral surfaces called chines, which actually converted the forward fuselage into a fixed canard which developed lift.
  • Most of the rest of the interview is the same old canards, misleading talking points, ad hominems, undefined terms, self-contradictions, and so forth.
  • For now, I simply don't want everyone to simply assume the truth of the oft-heard canard that OLC's proper role in construing the law is to press as hard as possible in the direction of presidential prerogatives. Balkinization
  • But, oh oh, looks like that little canard is already falling apart. Think Progress » Kit Bond: Democrats ‘put red bandanas on their head’ for a ‘Kamikaze mission’ to provide health reform.
  • You may think of all Hollywood writers as sitting by their pool with a laptop, a martini and a fellatrix, but that's a convenient canard. Joanie thinks chachi is an unreliable narrator
  • Un “canard à la menthe” is excellent for digestion, travel sickness, for “remontant” → 'pick-me-up' … It is tonic, refreshing and very enjoyable! Canard - French Word-A-Day
  • Many of their innovations - such as canards, boundary layer control, sweptwings, variable wings, jet engines, and more - are widely used today and accepted as industry standards.
  • The oldest canard in the book is the one about how getting the first big win is the hardest bit, and after that they just fall into your lap like autumn leaves.
  • My mother, who came of age during WWII when times were tough, would talk about "boire un canard" which ment placing a lump of sugar in some wine or eau de vie as a desesrt or to warm up "quand il faisait un froid de canard quand le Mistral souflait" Sante/Cheers! Canard - French Word-A-Day

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