How To Use Caltrop In A Sentence

  • Sooner or later, the worm forsakes this kind of caltrop which catches on to everything. The Life of the fly; with which are interspersed some chapters of autobiography
  • I agree with you Joseph, this is a political caltrop. Think Progress » Frist Ducks Responsibility For Unfinished Spending Bills, Blames ‘Systemic Flaws In America’s Processes’
  • He didn't know what weapon he possessed, if any, beyond the caltrops.
  • Gerard regretted this immediately, for Goatweed was thrown into an agony of indecision, dithering over the lot, finally ending up torn between a rusty caltrop and an old boot missing its heel. Dragons Of A Vanished Moon
  • These animals may also be captured without aid of gin or caltrop, by sheer coursing in hot summer time; they get so tired, they will stand still to be shot down. On Hunting
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  • Speaking of mood, the play's climactic slaughterfest (in which solids, gases, liquids and something called a caltrop all prove excellent murder weapons) inevitably seems funny today. Theater review: Constellation Theatre's 'Women Beware Women'
  • But, on the other part, the defendant shall be bound to furnish him with hay and stubble for stopping the caltrops of his throat, troubled and impulregafized, with gabardines garbled shufflingly, and friends as before, without costs and for cause. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • Caltrop is quite rare in Cottesloe, as far as I know, and it looks like this infestation may have been introduced during works associated with the path construction, perhaps.
  • The plot progresses like a horse marching over caltrops, jerking wildly every time its foot encounters the next point.
  • Caltrop is an herbaceous annual that commonly grows prostrated on the ground.
  • The pictures of the items seem consistent with the “caltrop” label. More On Twin Cities - Developing
  • It was a combination of towers, palisades, ditches, abatis, and caltrops to slow the attacking Gauls.
  • The entrance where journalists are allowed to go in looks like Normandy Beach, with tank caltrops, razor wire and sandbagged defensive positions that have taken over half of the square.
  • The village sits in Taiwan's breadbasket, a land of flat, expansive rice and sugar-cane fields, lingjiao water caltrop paddies, and banana trees. Two by Adams
  • In some few caterpillars the poison spines take the form of balls armed with short prickles and one large spike; hence they are known as caltrop spines (fig. 2, C), from their likeness to the cruel weapons, known as caltrops, which used to be scattered over the ground in time of war to repel the attacks of cavalry; the spikes forced their way into the horses 'feet when trampled on, and so disabled them. Chatterbox, 1905.
  • Wash and finely chop chillies and fermented black beans, set aside. Rinse and dress the crabs, remove the innards. Chop into pieces, coat in some caltrop starch.
  • No matter how the caltrop tire spike was tossed on a roadway or airport runway, it would land with a tire-puncturing prong facing upward.
  • Aquatic plants associated with the fascioliasis infection are watercress and water caltrop. Chapter 2
  • Lotus Lake used to be a huge basin surrounded by a lotus and water caltrop field, causing it to become the habitat of pheasant-tailed jacanas.
  • It was a combination of towers, palisades, ditches, abatis, and caltrops to slow the attacking Gauls, so that Roman missile engines could more effectively engage them.
  • A caltrop is a military device consisting of four metal spikes arranged so that, whichever way it falls, at least one spike points upwards.
  • Caltrop is a perennial herb that can infest a wide variety of crops and pastures.

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