How To Use Calluna In A Sentence

  • The bud bloomer form has been popular in Germany for many years and was developed from a cross between Calluna vulgaris and a moorland calluna, which had grown with unopened flowers.
  • They are not as hateful of chalk as are the callunas but they'll be even better where soil is lime-free.
  • Grape hyacinth, muscari armiacum, blooming with calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ and erica darleyensis ‘Mediterranean Pink’. Blue In The Garden-Part Three « Fairegarden
  • On the deck side of these beds is a group of heathers, both calluna and erica with some magic carpet spireas. Garden designers workshop- paths and walkways « Fairegarden
  • They were replaced with calluna vulgaris ‘Sunrise’. The Knot Garden « Fairegarden
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  • Early spring 2007 shows nice red calluna joined by lavender ‘Hidcote’, lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’, cuttings. The Knot Garden « Fairegarden
  • In mid spring the grape hyacinths , muscari armeniacum, are blooming, the sedum spurium ‘Red Carpet’ is red and the calluna is changing from red to yellow. The Knot Garden « Fairegarden
  • Erica darleyensis ‘Mediterranean White’ behind and an unknown calluna vulgaris to the right. Just Another Spring Like Day « Fairegarden
  • Suitable plants for low maintenance beds include the junipers, especially the spreading rather than the upright versions, callunas and ericas which flower all the way through from April to January.
  • I have cards from aintesduck, wanderlustlover, calluna, vandonovan, chlorrel and thebratqueen. davegodfrey bought me a hot water bottle which I am using like the Dickens. Help help I am stuck in a rut
  • All the dominants have high frequency here with Calluna the most dominant, and Cladonia species are frequent.
  • The plants we refer to as winter heather are actually three different groups of plants: calluna, erica and daboecia. Times, Sunday Times
  • Although callunas need lime-free soil, winter flowering carnea varieties will endure lime, and Erica vagans will cope with neutral ground.
  • From the vantage point of the bench, we can see in the center quatrefoil that each semi-circle contains a Calluna vulgaris ‘Sunset’. Foliage? In January? « Fairegarden
  • I am going to have a look in the garden centre tommorrow and see if there are any calluna sunsets. Foliage? In January? « Fairegarden
  • Calluna, the flowering shrub also known as heather, seems to have been appreciated not so much for its beauty as its handiness as a broom. From the Teeth of the Lion to the Dandelion
  • Since 1985 they have been replacing exotics with native species, although they have retained a waratah planted in the late sixties, as well as callunas and ericas.
  • The calluna would grow for you, we are nearly too warm for it here, but it does prefer acid, poor soil, not deeply enriched stuff. Red In January « Fairegarden
  • The winter-flowering carneas and the summer-flowering callunas provide foliage and floral interest throughout the year.
  • One heather grower now brands his ericas and callunas ‘The Honey Plant’ in order to make them more attractive to customers.
  • I just checked on the calluna again today, the very tips are turning pink but the rest of the stems are green. December Foliage « Fairegarden

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