[ UK /kˈælɪfˌe‍ɪt/ ]
  1. the office of a caliph
  2. the territorial jurisdiction of a caliph
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How To Use caliphate In A Sentence

  • Then he took a piece of paper and cutting it in pieces, said to the Wazir, “O Ja’afar, write down with thine own hand twenty sums of money, from one dinar to a thousand, and the names of all kinds of offices and dignitaries from the least appointment to the Caliphate; also twenty kinds of punishment from the lightest beating to death.” The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • Two principal dynasties, the Umayyads and Abbasids, dominated the caliphate until 1258.
  • They all said they regretted joining the 'caliphate'. Times, Sunday Times
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  • They want a Muslim caliphate, a Muslim supernation, a vehicle to subvert Christianity and all other religions, convert everyone to Islam, and kill the rest. Think Progress » VIDEO: Rice Calls Idea That Iraq War Contributed To Regional Instability ‘Grotesque’
  • I bet when he stood by his advance base on Newfoundland, Leif Eriksson would've been surprised to hear his base would fail and his dad's colony on Greenland would eventually die out, that the "new world" would have to be rediscovered in 500 years by explorers from a successor state on the territory of what he knew as the Caliphate of al-Andalus, or 500 years after that the entire world would be dominated by a breakaway colony set up by people from a wretched little country currently being ruled by a wanker named Ethelred. Changing Course - AGAIN? - NASA Watch
  • By 750 the time had come for the caliphate itself to be transformed and for the Umayyad regime to be dislodged.
  • As long as the Caliphate remained strong, Armenia continued to prosper, and a new Bagratid kingdom was established as a centre of manufacturing and trade.
  • In the largest transfer of wealth in human history, we are committing economic suicide while effectively funding a movement whose sole objective is establishing a worldwide caliphate that will impose upon societies the most brutal, misogynistic, antihuman ideology in history. Post-American Presidency
  • They have no intention of establishing some kind of piratical caliphate. John Feffer: Monsters vs. Aliens
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