How To Use Calceolaria In A Sentence

  • In zones 15-17, you can also plant calceolaria, cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.
  • I haven't been so excited since I recognised a calceolaria last year, and told my host it was a calceolaria just before he told me. Punch, or the London Charivari, May 27, 1914
  • Slowly they would pace along, enjoying the sweeter air of the suburbs, or, gardenless themselves, would stand to peep through garden-gates at the well-ordered array of geranium, calceolaria, verbena; sniffing the fragrance from the serried rows of stocks, the patches of mignonette, or the blossoming lime-trees overhead. Mrs. Day's Daughters
  • Some special care is requisite in growing these splendid calceolarias in a creditable manner.
  • Some plants like antirrhinums, calceolarias, gazanias and other almost-hardy plants are best grown as cool as possible to encourage branching and prevent lanky growth.
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  • The nursery, shaded by fine old Lucombe Oaks, was famous for its ‘Wonder of the West’ strain of cinerarias, calceolarias, and an extensive rockery.
  • The vegetables seem in perfect harmony with yellow marigolds and calceolaria. When the Birds Begin to Sing
  • Snapdragons , calceolaria and larkspur will drop their floret rapidly.
  • In one year, 50,000 scarlet pelargoniums were planted, and in 1854, the collections of calceolarias, lobelias, petunias, verbenas, gaultherias, alyssums, nemophilas, salvias, heliotropes, dwarf rhododendrons and azaleas, displays which influenced exhibitions across the rest of the country.
  • Shoot in a rose, or a calceolaria, or an herbaceous border, or something, I gather, and you have made a formal proposal of marriage without any of the trouble of rehearsing a long speech and practising appropriate gestures in front of your bedroom looking-glass. The Man Upstairs and Other Stories
  • Tight beds of geranium, calceolaria, and lobelia speckled the glass-plat, from whose centre rose one of the finest araucarias (its other name by the way is "monkey-puzzler"), that it has ever been my lot to see. Actions and Reactions
  • On the way back to the hotel we will stop at the waterfall, one of the best areas for photographing flowers, where depending on the season, we may see orchids, calceolarias, and neneos.
  • The calceolaria of the present day has [v. 04 p. 0969] been developed into a highly decorative plant, in which the herbaceous habit has preponderated. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"
  • This is the easiest span but especially interesting for flower lovers who, depending on the season, will see orchids, calceolarias, violets and oxalis.
  • The so-called shrubby calceolarias used for bedding are increased from cuttings, planted in autumn in cold frames, where they can be wintered, protected from frost by the use of mats and a good layer of litter placed over the glass and round the sides. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"
  • Sow some half-hardy annuals for use a winter pot plants e.g. calceolarias, schizanthus and cinnerarias.
  • Abutilons; agapanthus; alstremeria; amaryllis; anemone; aralia; araucaria; auricula; azaleas; begonias; cactus; caladium; calceolaria; calla; camellias; cannas; carnations; century plants; chrysanthemums; cineraria; clematis; coleus; crocus; croton; cyclamen; dahlia; ferns; freesia; fuchsia; geranium; gladiolus; gloxinia; grevillea; hollyhocks; hyacinths; iris; lily; lily-of-the-valley; mignonette; moon-flowers; narcissus; oleander; oxalis; palms; pandanus; pansy; pelargonium; peony; phlox; primulas; rhododendrons; rose; smilax; stocks; sweet pea; swainsona; tuberose; tulips; violet; wax plant. Manual of Gardening (Second Edition)
  • Like the cineraria, calceolaria is an annual, so discard after flowering.
  • In zones 15-17, you can also plant calceolaria, cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.
  • They were named Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. Skinner, and Mr. Bensington interviewed them in a small room with hermetically sealed windows, a spotted overmantel looking-glass, and some ailing calceolarias. The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth
  • Besides the painted cup there are classed in this group the mullen, the common toad-flax, the foxglove, the gerardias, and the calceolarias.
  • On the wetter slopes, fields were laid out like checkerboards, lined with eucalyptus and agave, and those that had been left fallow were thick with cosmos and zinnias, helianthus, bidens, and calceolaria, all yellows and golds and reds. One River
  • Lobelia and petunias share the same history as verbenas and calceolarias.
  • In zones 15-17, you can also plant calceolaria, cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.
  • The show must be seen for the brilliance and no-nonsense artistry of its leading lady, our delightful dame of the calceolarias.
  • The following are the most common plants affected: roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies, snapdragons, asters, bulb crops, calceolarias, cyclamen, cinerarias, bedding plants, peppers, potatoes, and most foliage plants.
  • The perianth of Calceolariaceae is shown to be derived from a tetramerous condition, not from pentamery as traditionally believed.
  • Through the 1970s, the archetypal gardener was over 50 and had time and money to spare: a smug matron with impeccable calceolarias, an eccentric rosarian, a spinster growing herbs.
  • Pocket, who had been expelled from the company by common consent, went sulkily away towards her hammock, for she was the fairy of the calceolaria, and looked rather wicked. Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women

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