C major

  1. (music) the major scale having no sharps or flats
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How To Use C major In A Sentence

  • So when they look at what the Obama administration and the Democratic Majority state as their goals to increase access and lower cost and rail at what maybe termed oligopolistic behavior of carriers in certain markets, I think employers really buy in to that message and have much of that frustration and anger at our lack of solutions. NPR Topics: News
  • But my question would be this: If I'm not mistaken most of Frost's tenure in office was under the Democratic majority.
  • The halfling music major on the front row grinned and started unzipping the padded black case on the desk in front of him.
  • Research has also been conducted to examine collegiate cheating by demographic variables other than academic major.
  • In Quebec, however, francophones are a cultural and linguistic majority.
  • The whole principle is made clear if we take, let us say, the first double-stop in the scale of C major in thirds as an example: Violin Mastery Talks with Master Violinists and Teachers
  • Princeps major omnibus fubditis effe debeat, n£c major effe poffit, ni omnia aut pler or umque amore fruatur, majii - feftum eft 9 unum illuni nulhim effe & invalidum, fi omnium aut pléro - rnnrtqueodio fit expofitus, ic fi multi - tndinem fuam caeperint numerare. Marci Zuerii Boxhornii ... Institutionum politicarum libri duo: Editio altera, priori longè ...
  • The resounding victory consolidates the Tamil National Alliance's status as an authentic representative of ethnic Tamils in negotiations with Rajapaksa's ethnic majority Sinhalese-controlled government in sharing political power and postwar rehabilitation. Ex-rebel proxies sweep Sri Lanka local elections
  • Squeeze your zigomatic major, squint your orbicularis oculi, and if you really want to get things flowing ... expose your teeth. Toan Lam: Going the Extra Smile: Project Connects World Through Grins (VIDEO)
  • Both groups identified the availability of career opportunities as the most influential factor in their selection of an academic major.
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