[ UK /bˈə‍ʊvɪd/ ]
  1. hollow-horned ruminants
  1. of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle)
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How To Use bovid In A Sentence

  • Yes, the Lords, those notorious bovid loving vegetarians. Archive 2007-07-01
  • Like bovids and cervids, they have a full set of lower incisors, but the uppers are replaced by a horny pad.
  • The Northern immigrants to South America included the rodents, Carnivora (bears, cats, dogs, etc.), llamas and horses, bovids (particularly deer), and the tapirs and elephants.
  • Once nearly wiped out by poachers who made shawls from its wool, the chiru's numbers have increased in recent years, and the knobby-kneed bovid has emerged as a symbol of China's environmental-protection efforts. China Eats Crow
  • We also use many products from bovids, like milk and leather.
  • Her work revealed more elite tombs (Tombs 13-23), including one of a juvenile elephant as well as that of an aurochs, or large wild bovid, buried in human fashion with matting covering the body, pottery, and a human figurine. Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - The Elite Cemetery
  • The incised bone seems to have belonged to an unknown bovid mammal, the group that includes sheep, cattle and antelope.
  • A very eminent authority, however, Professor Flower, is in favour of placing the musk-deer with the Cervidae, and he instances the absence of horns as in favour of this opinion, for in none of the Bovidae are the males hornless. Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon
  • The sweat glands and hair follicles of different species of Bovidae. Chapter 9
  • All bovids have a four-chambered stomach and digest cellulose through bacterial fermentation.
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